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Chinese New Year 2012 - Day 2 onwards

>> Monday, February 6, 2012

Every other day of this Chinese New Year has been about food, food, & more food (and yes, people as well). I've probably been too busy eating that I ran low of motivation to blog! :D I can't even form proper sentences as there are too many distractions around! Hahahaha....oh well, here's a very short account on what the PerutBesi has been up to since her last post...I hope to blog more in the days ahead, so stay tuned :P

I started work on day 4 of the CNY & since then, work has continued to pile up. But thank God for some breaks in between, where I could continue in the spirit of CNY to catch-up with family & friends in PJ & also in Kuantan :)

Loads of food, family, & friends :)

I'm currently in Kuantan & I think it's my 1st time spending part of the CNY here. We had a family & friends gathering at a church member's house yesterday, where more home-cooked food were served! I felt SO blessed :) It's just awesome to be with a bunch of good friends to share some laughter, chit-chat, & get to know each other better. Me likey.

Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year already & I'll have to head back to PJ tomorrow. I'm SO looking forward to another break!

CNY in Kuantan & early Valentine's Day from PerutBesi

In holiday mood,


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