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Mid-Autumn Festival 2011

>> Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last weekend, my family gathered for a really good home-cooked meal as our little Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. All my aunts came with their labour of love, be it a meat or veggie dish. We didn't have mooncakes nor lanterns though...a rather odd celebration, but with the load of delicious food that we had, it was more than enough for us to celebrate the warmth of family together :)

Here's to share with you what we had:
New = new dish served during festivals/family dinners
Traditional = served in every festival as a family signature dish
Occasional = served every now & then during festivals/family dinners

New: Baked chicken with mixed Italian herbs

Traditional: Stir-fried cucumbers with chicken gizzard in vinegar gravy

Occasional: Stir-fried arrow roots with roast pork & Chinese parsley in dark sauce

Occasional: Vegetable curry with prawns

New: Mixed salad (a simple dish by yours truly :D)

New: Nyonya-syle sambal "ikan bilis"

Occasional: Stir-fried turnip with carrots & dried shrimp (eaten on its own or with lettuce wraps)

Traditional: Hakka-style braised pork belly with black fungus/"char yoke"

New: Braised mushrooms with scallops

Tradition: Roast duck from Loong Foong restaurant

Occasional: Stir-fried leek with roast pork

Family members chilling out before dinner time

Food, glorious food!!

Dig in! Check out the eager & happy faces :P

Looking forward to upcoming family gatherings like this. Loads of work, especially the preparation, cooking, & cleaning, but it was a good time of food & family fellowship :)

More post coming out of the "oven"! Stay tuned with PerutBesi! ;)

How did you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?



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