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Bridesmaids - A Great Movie Event for Wedding Industry Partners

>> Sunday, September 11, 2011

Date: 9 September 2011, Friday
Venue: e@Curve, Cathay Cineplex
Occasion: Gathering of partners in the wedding industry for a movie that's very close to heart - Bridesmaids

credits: Digitista

There's no better way to spend the Friday night than to spend it with friends from the same industry. This is the 2nd time the Association of Wedding Professionals (AWP) & Weddings Malaysia collaborated to organize a movie night event for partners in the wedding industry. The first event was held 2 years ago in 2009 by AWP & That Special Occasion; same cineplex, similar movie theme i.e. Brideswar (click here to find out on their first event, which I have also blogged about).

People getting a closer look at the display items

Approximately 250 friends from the wedding industry consisting of wedding planners, cake bakers, photographers/videographers, wedding gowns designer, & cards designers (and I'm sure more partners that I didn't name!) were invited to watch Bridesmaids together. The whole of Hall 8 where the movie was screened was filled with laughter from excited friends in the wedding industry as we watched this hilarious movie together.

I even met my other "ji mui", Cheryl, from a friend's wedding held recently at this event!! Ah, such memories of being the Maid of Honour & working together with other "ji muis" to make the Bachelorette party & the wedding day's morning games a lovely, fun & memorable one! This movie certainly brought back quite some memories of the recent wedding where 11 of us bridesmaids & "ji muis" gathered to discuss for the Bachelorette party! *lol*

Bridesmaid Dress by That Special Occasion

I'm glad to be part of the event since my cousin, Kris, was the organizer, together with his team of anchor women who helped out with the administration of the event *wink* Aunty Helen Kok, Cammi Lau and the rest of the Weddings Malaysia team plus Association of Wedding Professionals (AWP) Malaysia did an awesome job in coordinating the event!

Every Malaysian event would not be complete without some scrumptious food, especially from talented bakers in the wedding industry. We had very cute cupcakes & delicious finger food by Anizah Baharuddin of TrulyScrumptious! and Bisou Bake Shop!! It was truly a time to catch-up with friends from the same industry while enjoying the yummy finger food :)

Friends catching up at the lounge

Finger Food

Lovely cupcakes

Mini Tarts (I think it's walnuts/pecans)

Deep-Fried Spring Roll & Curry Puffs
I didn't manage to snap any photos of the sandwiches. I was like some silly fella going around with my little point & shoot Lumix, capturing photos of the finger food! Hahaha...somewhat embarrassing, but thank God I'm used to being "suaku" *lol*

I was too full to have any dessert/finger food, but I HAD TO try this one...it's so cute & it was calling out my name to try it! Yums!

Complimentary popcorn & drink!
Woots!! A movie night wouldn't be complete without a packet of popcorn & a fizzy drink :D Thank you, organizers!

Excited Crowd
As we're given "free-seating", most of us were waiting eagerly outside the cinema to get in earlier for some better seats.

Smiles of excitement
The wedding industry consists of partners & supporters from all walks of life - my aunts & cousin, who are the supporters, "encouragers", accountant, photographer, & sub-editor of Weddings Malaysia/That Special Occasion.

Bridesmaids is an interesting movie for adults, so leave your children at home & enjoy this movie with your spouse/partner/family!

Live, Love, Laugh :D

Bridesmaid before & know the madness,


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