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AWP's Movie Night

>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

Date: 6 February 2009, Friday
Venue: Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara
Occasion: Movie night by AWP & That Special Occasion

My family was invited to watch the "Brides War" movie, as part of an event jointly organized by AWP (Association of Wedding Professionals) & That Special Occasion (owned by my cousin, Kris Wong). I actually have no idea what the entire event was all about, but since we were invited to enjoy a free romantic comedy, why not? ;) Anyways, it's been a while since my whole family watched a movie together. The last movie that we watched together as a family in the cinema was some kungfu movie back in the 1990s! *lol*

Upon arriving at the Cineleisure, I met my uncles & aunties, who were also invited, & a good number of wedding professionals, of course :) My mum works with my cousin, so pretty much half of my entire family was present :P

This is the team from That Special Occasion - Linda, Louisa, & Kris

There was an exhibition of wedding-related photos & people from the media were present as well (I was too busy taking photos of the food that I didn't get any of the exhibition :P). It was indeed a pretty interesting event, despite me not knowing what's happening...hahaha...I recall my last visit to the Cineleisure for a good movie was for the premier of Fantastic 4 (the latest one) - also with a free ticket, given by the media company that I was working with during my industrial training :)

Before the movie begun, there was a time of light snacks, so here are some of the photos...pretty yummy food *drools* Pretty-looking food as well!! *wink wink*

I enjoyed the movie (and the finger food! hahaha) - had a really good laugh & the movie indeed opened my eyes to the world of weddings & friendships! *lol* Looking forward to more of such events! Hahaha...

- Ruth


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