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WIP Closing Down Party

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

Date: 20 February 2009, Friday
Venue: WIP, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Occasion: Closing Down party

*excited again* Another party!! Woohoo!!! Nope, I'm no party-animal *shy* I'm just really blessed & privileged to be invited by TheQguides.com (yes, it's them again!) for this exclusive party at WIP, BSC :)

A BIG THANK YOU TO THEQGUIDES.COM for the invitation!!

So what's WIP?
Work in Progress! *lol* I thought it's a VERY strange name for a restaurant...WIP began operation with a 'construction site' concept in December 2007. "This transitory approach is meant to draw feedback, comments and criticisms (constructive, of course) which will then be incorporated into our road map towards the birthing of our new pride and joy" states WIP through the BSC's website.

They're currently closing for several months to make a come back with a more "wow" concept for their restaurant :) Perhaps when they're re-opened, I'd drop by to check out what they have to offer that's all new ;)

Closing Down Party??
Yeap! I find it really strange for a restaurant to have a 'closing down party'. Many of WIP's faithful patrons & friends were invited for the 1-hour free flow of alcohol (Tiger beer & Macallan whisky) & finger food :) Five of us food bloggers were very privileged to receive an invitation to attend this party. It's pretty much our first & last time at WIP! *lol* I enjoyed my time there, more than my first bloggers' party...heh... (perhaps it's because the Carlsberg party was my first time to such a party & I'm not used to it) :P

There was a dance by WIP's staffs, a live band, & an auction to sell off items that were owned by WIP :) Pretty interesting. We left the party around 9.30pm for our own agenda...it was a good time of fun & food! XD

Spicy sausages, nachos with cheese, & fried chicken wings (best that I've ever eaten!! *drools*)

I thought this was a very cute presentation of fried noodles :D

Yums...custard pudding....nice! Not toooo sweet...the way miss Wong likes it...

Too sweet for miss Wong, but the rest of the bloggers liked it very much! :D Lotsa raisins & dried fruits...

The only 2 drinks that were "free flow" were Tiger Beer & Macallan, which I initially had NO idea what Macallan is...I didn't even know how to spell it! :( I had to "pai-se-ly" ask one of the bloggers what Macallan is as I really don't want another glass of beer (I didn't like the taste of beer after having it the day before). Sometimes I wish there was free-flow of juice (we've to pay RM15.00 for a glass of juice if we order it!), but I chose the Macallan in the end, & had that ONE glass for the whole event...hahaahaha....quite nice :P Shocked Aaron that I actually had whisky when all along I don't drink! I didn't have much of a choice unless I pay :(

The food bloggers, Jek (from TheQguides.com), & Michele Kwok, the owner of WIP

- Ruth


Inconsistent February 23, 2009 at 11:51 PM  

Ruth! That's not "staff" lah... that's Michele Kwok... the boss/owner/host of the evening! hehehehe.

Faster faster... go modify!

PerutBesi February 24, 2009 at 12:07 AM  

->Inconsistent: Darn! I knew I'd somehow get it wrong...hahaha...I stand corrected :P I didn't know nut who's who...just came back from some photo-taking & I got myself into a photo...lol...woops :P Thanks for the correction!

kennhyn February 25, 2009 at 1:09 PM  

wow, free flow, should call me next time, whisky is nice drink if u know how to drink it, many just waste it in disco...sad

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