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Divine...only in Taman Pelangi!

>> Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Actually, our JB trip was REALLY, VERY short. Since we arrived late evening, all we did was just have dinner, & later had supper with 2 friends. Pictures speak a thousand words, so I'll just 'speak' with pics la! :lol:

We were in New York for a night :P My first time in New York!! Haha...who needs to fly to the USA for New York? We have it here, in Johor Bahru! Room rates are reasonable lar... RM120 for a twin share/night. :)


When you're in JB, you've gotta try this- BBQ Seafood/Meat. I'm not sure how much it costs since we didn't pay for it, but it sure taste VERY nice! These meat sticks come with a special chilli, which gives a kick to the dish!! :D

Find the Restaurant/mamak adjacent Jalan Setiapuspa in JB, with the name Kafe Enampuluhan :P

Breakfast the next day at New York Hotel's cafe:

This was basically what I had. The variety ain't that much, but the taste is not too bad. I'll give it a B grade under the hotel food category :P

This is one place that I will recommend to anyone who comes by JB. Stop over at Taman Pelangi for some 'ice kacang' (shaved ice with syrup, & an assortment of 'jewels' like boiled red beans, cin cau [grass jell], corn, jelly bits, etc)!!

The Taman Pelangi ice kacang is the best because it has chocolate sauce on it!!! Yummy!! It's SUPERBLY delicious! A++ for this ice kacang! If you're a chocolate lover, this is for you!

I hope these 2 JB posts gave you an insight of what you could do if you're there for a short trip. When it comes to JB, it's mee rebus, Danga Bay, Desaru, nasi lemak, 'kuey teow kia' (keuy teow cooked with pig's intestines in dark sauce like bah kut teh), & of course the 2 dishes that I posted above!

I wanna go for more of such makan trips!

- Ruth


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