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The outLOUD Ladies Conference

>> Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I just attended the outLoud Ladies Conference yesterday (that's why I wasn't in the office!). Details of the event are as below:


Day/Date: Monday, 30 July 2007
Venue: Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8.15 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Organizers: The Star Newspaper (Clove Two)
Theme: Reinventing Yourself


The conference mainly speaks of techniques & skills to develop an individual (or a lady) to speak up with confidence, walk tall, & look good as well. Throughout the conference, there were 5 sessions by 5 famous & very capable/successful women and 1 open discussion/forum. The crowd mainly consists of women on the average age of 35 years old. The majority consists of women ranging from 30 yrs old - 50 years old. Yeah, I believe that I'm the youngest there if not for my sister, whom I brought along. 8O

Before the conference started. Not all the ladies are there yet! Traffic jam wor...

Ok, many may wonder "why on earth Ruth was at a Ladies Conference??". I participated in an online contest by CloveTwo, The Star online newspaper. At that time, I didn't bother about the prizes that I would get should I win. All I wanted to do was to just participate in any contest that I could & win something! Mana tau, I actually won 2 passes to this conference! Each pass costs RM400!! No joke! I can't give away my passes, so I decided to just go & check out what that conference is, as well as 'cover' the event for the Ruthless Eaters site! Heehee :D

The itinerary of the conference

Getting there was actually quite a hassle, really. It was raining heavily & my sister & I had to take the Putra LRT & the KL Monorail to the hotel. We had to walk some distance too!! Bummer. All I had was a SMALL pink umbrella! My sister & I had to share the 'mini shade' & we had to endure the wind, rain, & water splashes as the cars zoomed pass us inconsiderately! ARGH!!! KL!

Anyways, frustration aside, I managed to capture some photos of the event. I actually wanted to take some photos of the food served, but super 'pai se' lor! The women will stare at me, and I'm sure some 'aunties' will think that I'm some 'kampung' girl who haven't seen hotel food before if I were to snap photos *sigh* I realized that it takes A LOT of courage to be a 'food photographer'. Bleagh.

Oh yeah, each participant were given 2 goodie bags each! Among the many freebies were Crabtree & Evelyn products, Her World magazine, vouchers to Slimming Sanctuary& 6 packets of soya milk from Yeo's!! The bags were SO heavy, that carrying them from KL back to Sunway was a real pain...

Lunch spread

The salads & cold dishes

I didn't manage to capture the main course dishes and the dessert dishes too! *sigh* I felt too shy to do so...but the variety was pretty good. Just that the taste is not excellent, and the utensils are something to comment on.

Afternoon tea break: pastries of all sorts!

That's all I have on the outLOUD Ladies Conference. I heard from Anne that we've a greater assignment upcoming- the Malaysian Food Fair! Hahaha :lol: We'll see if we could cover that event for all our faithful readers ;)

For more info on the outLOUD Ladies Conference that was held yesterday AND today (the workshop that costs RM800/person!), go to:

Stay tuned!

- Ruth


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