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Ideas: leftovers & fridge clearing

>> Thursday, August 16, 2007

Somehow my fridge is cluttered with quite a lot of food & vegie. Not because I'm a Perutbesi, but because we rarely get to cook at home apart from Sundays & Mondays, & we usually have to buy more than we need since the market won't sell anything in too small an amount.

I'm the type of person who can't stand the fridge cluttered with too many stuff. Plus, I can say that I'm bonkers enough to cook up anything found in the fridge! Just imagine, last week, I found half a bowl of rice, 2 bundles of 'choy sum', a packet of carrots, a box of cherry tomatoes, some deep freeze seafood nuggets, and many more that it'll be a whole long list to write it out here!! :lol:

As hungry & uncomfortable with the sight as I am, I decided to give my 'mad & creative' side a go ;) I took the rice, 'choy sum' and a carrot, some nuggets, & 2 eggs, & walked to the kitchen feeling excited :D

*chop chop shred shred beat beat cut cut chiang chiang chiang*

(sound of chopping the vegie, shredding the carrots, beating the eggs, cutting the nuggets, & cooking it all with the rice in the wok....of course one ingredient after each other in a proper sequence la)

After an enjoyable time of cooking up a storm 'kononnya' & making a mess out of the kitchen... :D ... I had lunch served! *yay*

Here's introducing the MC2 Fried Rice: Mad, Creative, & Colorful!


As long as there's food to eat, & it taste alright, it'll do fine as a simple lunch ;)

- Ruth


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