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Review: Lipton's Instant Teh Tarik

>> Saturday, March 17, 2012

Date: 15 March 2012, Thursday
Venue: Teh Tarik Place, 1 Utama

"Jom, teh tariklah!"

Lipton Malaysia launched its "Proud to be Malaysian. Jom teh tariklah" campaign for bloggers with emcee, Melvin Aeria, doing an excellent job to build up the excitement of all invited bloggers & the Unilever (M)/Lipton team to celebrate the launch in a mamak-style setting. It's such a great pleasure to be there for the launch & I would really want to thank Kiersten Chaik from Edelman PR for extending the invitation to me.

Emcee, Melvin Aeria

Such mamak-feel
Even the waiter who served us teh tarik wore an apron like those teh tarik guys at the mamak :D

Enjoying my cup of rich, silky smooth Lipton Teh Tarik
Check out the small 'lil cuppa tea...heehee....it's part of the goody bag - a pendrive! SO CUTE!

Frankly speaking, I didn't expect such fun at a launch. All I was informed in the email invitation was that this event is to launch a new product by Lipton. I really didn't expect the "teh tarik"! The event started with Melvin introducing us to the event & product, followed by some pop-quiz, which was one of the noisiest part of the event - with screams & shouts of excitement! Every correctly answered question wins the blogger a pack of Lipton's teh tarik & 1 point for his/her team...PerutBesi got herself a packet of teh tarik by answering a question correctly too! The overall winning team gets Jusco vouchers! *fuh*

Hugo giving his speech

Jess won the "grand prize" by answering a question correctly on Facebook
It's a spa package wei! Too bad I don't subscribe to a data plan (and I'm not bothered to do so for now anyway), else I could have participated as well...hahaha...

Marketing Director, Malaysia & Singapore, Unilever (M), Hugo Verkuil gave an interesting speech, sharing with us how his team were inspired by the all-Malaysian teh tarik that they decided to come up with Lipton's own version of the instant teh tarik. Going from mamak to mamak (for almost 2 years!), drinking all sorts of teh tarik you can ever get in Malaysia, the team took 2 years to research & come up with an extremely fragrant, smooth, silky, & thick instant teh tarik! I'm so impressed - seriously.


Hugo trying his hands in pulling the tea ;)

After the speech & games, all bloggers' attention were brought to the projection to view the premier of Lipton Malaysia's 1st webisode of its teh tarik product. It was pretty interesting :) All 6 webisodes will  be posted every Monday on Lipton Malaysia's Facebook fan page, showcasing familiar characteristics of all Malaysians! Watch out for the 1st webisode in 2 days time!!

Trailer of Lipton's Teh Tarik Webisodes
You can also get the video here on their Facebook fan page.

It was an enjoyable time at the launch & I'll recommend you to try out for yourselves the Lipton's Teh Tarik - instant yet with such mamak-ish "umph"!

Group photo with all bloggers & the Lipton team

Nasi lemak dinner
What other better option to go with a nice cup of teh tarik but the nasi lemak :) The only "sad part" is the lacking of hard-boiled egg! Aiseh...nasi lemak without telur....how can?? :'(

Try out Lipton's Teh Tarik!
You'll get to purchase it from major supermarkets across Malaysia for RM13.50/packet of 12 sachets.

My goody bag + 1 extra packet of Lipton that I "won"
It's been awhile since I had goody bags...hahaha...how fun :)

Stay tuned for more from Lipton Malaysia on their Facebook fan page! There'll be exciting contest(s) with great prizes to be won as well!

Jom, teh tariklah!


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