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Trip to Redang, July 2011

>> Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've had many busy months since I started my new job early this year & a good break was much deserved :P It's my 1st time at Redang & frankly speaking, I wasn't very impressed (after the trip to Mabul/Sipadan...hahaha). Thank goodness for a crazee bunch of friends, who made the 3d 2n trip worth while & enjoyable nonetheless :)

We stayed at Redang Beach Resort. For a 3d 2n "weekday" package, we paid almost RM500/person, & had everything planned out for us. The only set-back (comparing to the best I've had at Sipadan Water Village...hohoho...bad thing to do - compare "sky & earth") was the extra we had to pay there & then for the snorkelling mask (RM15.00 without power, RM25.00 with power) & life jacket (RM15.00). Price paid covers the 3d2n stay.

All in all, there were 3 snorkelling trips in the package, but we only went for 2 of it. Reason: the 1st trip was a not-so-nice experience; nothing much to see & the sea was slightly rough, so it was REALLY tiring *pout*. The 2nd trip was to the Marine Park, which was alright since there were more creatures to see. We were actually quite pleased to skip the 3rd trip as we heard some people complaining after the trip. The current was apparently quite strong & it was just not worth it to put so much effort into snorkelling. We ended up snorkelling at the house reef, which was SO MUCH BETTER than the 1st trip's! *wergh*

Here are some photos to share:
p/s: Noticed that we didn't take any photos of the sea creatures? It's true that there's more in a person's expression to capture than the "common" fishes you usually see in aquariums :P No turtles, no big fishes - just small fishes & sea cucumbers!

The Beginning of Our Journey


Love & Nature at Redang

Beach Games & Posers

Enjoying the Sea

The Many Expressions

Snorkelling Trips

The End of Our Trip

Looking forward to another good holiday,


Henry Lee July 16, 2011 at 8:59 AM  

hoahh so nice lor... i never been to redang before :)

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