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Ring the Bells! Back-to-Back Weddings!

>> Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The whole month of June-July was packed with weddings to help-out & attend! Fuh...loads of madness, fun, & joy - ABUNDANCE of love too! Now you know why I ain't in the mood nor have time to blog on food...*lol* Here are some photos to share :) Congratulations to the newly weds!

p/s: I don't have any photos taken during my cousin's wedding on 19th June 2011...told you it's pretty much back-to-back...haha...

11th June 2011 - Lydia & Han How's Wedding
- Morning: Trinity Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya -
I've known Lyd & Hans since Std. 3, so it was just wonderful to be part of their joyous moment! Ah, it was a LOVELY wedding; full of fun, laughter, & love :)

- Night: Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur -
I was too busy running around, helping the bride, while the bride herself was too busy to take personal photos together. Hahaha...so here are some random photos with my church friends :)

25th June 2011, Judith & Trevor's Wedding
- Morning: Church of St. Thomas Moore -
I've known Judith since Form 1 as we sat together in class :) How time flies...It was my 1st time attending a Catholic church wedding as wel. This one's very modern & far from what I expected it to be! Awesome-ness! :D

- Night: Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya -
The couple was no doubt busy throughout the night, but the few of us high-school friends who attended her wedding had some time for catch-ups :)

High-School Friends
One of them whom I've actually known since Std 6! We were classmates :D

2nd July 2011, Shu Yi & Oon Ee's Wedding
- Morning: Sungai Way- Subang Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya -
I've known Shu since...our youth days? It's been so long that I can't recall. But we drew closer as friends & like sisters only after year 2005's Jeremiah School :) Her wedding was "WOW". The march-in was VERY lively with 4 little girls & some youths dancing down the aisle to the song "Marry You" (by Bruno Mars, I think), before Shu finally walked down the aisle with her dad....awww....I was near tears (as usual). The deco was also interesting...so much effort in place & it's just VERY Shu & Oons...haha... :)

Photo with the Trinity Methodist Church Petaling Jaya gang

- Night: Overseas Restaurant, Armada Hotel -
BIG Thank You to Shu & Oons for the awesome table arrangement! I sat with the craziest people I can ever imagine...haha...had LOADS of fun, laughter, & an overloaded dose of "bromance" as well...hahaha...

The "couples" at the table...hahaha...the only person missing is Gloria!

Bromance, Romance, & Yum Seng!

Overload of bromancing - the photos speak a thousand words

Both Wei-An & Wye Aun  self-entertaining (and keeping us entertained as well) 

Truly crazee people...with the bride & groom (the one & only photo with them for the night)

June & July is indeed a month of celebration :) Much love, much joy, much friendship fostered. This is life in abundance! To God be the glory! :D

In love with Love,


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