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Selera Warisan Buffet Ramadan, The Zenith Hotel Kuantan

>> Wednesday, May 17, 2017

* this is not an invited review

The much-awaited month of Ramadan is fast approaching, beginning from 26th of May - 24th of June 2017. It's a month of fasting, self-reflection & prayer for the Muslim community before they celebrate the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival.

My MIL invited me to join her for the preview/review of some Ramadan buffets at a few hotels in Kuantan. Seems like I do get to attend reviews after all, but in a very different manner :P My 1st review in Kuantan for the Ramadan buffet this year began with The Zenith Hotel Kuantan last night. It was a night where corporate representatives were all present to sample the buffet spread that their companies could consider during the month of Ramadan.

One of the highlights every year during the month of Ramadan at The Zenith Hotel Kuantan is their Whole Lamb Kuzi with Rice Ratna Sari. It's like a medley of aromatically, flavored rice with tender roasted lamb that's served with a special vegetable curry that goes with the rice & brown sauce to compliment the lamb. I enjoyed this dish, but wish that it was served piping hot! It'll be even more delightful & tasty, I'm sure :D

Whole Lamb Kuzi with Rice Ratna Sari

You'll find the cost details of the buffet spread in the poster below:

As I'm not obligated to write/blog about the event (since it's not an official invited media event for me), I just took some photos of dishes that I thought look & taste good in the buffet spread :P Here are some of the dishes to whet your appetite & help you make your consideration for this place if you're planning to organize a dinner with your family, friends, & colleagues during the month of Ramadan.

Cold served seafood: Oysters & Prawns
They were pretty large, fresh & firm.

Sup "Gear Box" 

Ayam Pedas Rebung Seri Menanti (Spicy Chicken with Bamboo Shoots) 

Chicken Kebab 

Assortment of Cakes & Malay Kuih 

Freshly-Squeezed Sugar Cane Juice 

The variety in this buffet spread can't be compared to the ones back in PJ/KL, where there's just such abundance of variety that I don't know where to start! This buffet spread is sizable & provides a decent breaking-fast meal to all Muslims & their friends at a comfortable dining area.

I didn't eat THAT much (or I would like to think so), but got to try everything that I wanted to try. I had the laksa, the cold seafood, the famous whole lamb kuzi with rice, some freshly-deep fried vegetables, the famous East Coast Ikan Patin Bakar with Tempoyak, the chicken kebab & some cakes & salad greens. I think the grilled fish is a must try. It was delicious!

Laksa with Noodles

Cold Served Oysters & Prawns 

Deep-Fried Vegetables & the Lamb Kuzi with Rice

Grilled catfish with tempoyak is a must-try! 

Cakes & some salad
I thought the salted caramel/peanut butter cake was pretty good! 

'Til the next post, stay tuned with PerutBesi for more sharing on good eats & my recent trip to Kansai region in Japan as well! I'll have to take time to sort out the photos & information, but it's something that I definitely want to share!

Missing this blog loads!

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