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Review: New Series of Freshly-Made Taiwanese Drinks at Shihlin Taiwanese Street Snacks Malaysia

>> Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gosh...time flies! I've been terribly busy of late that I really didn't have time to even do anything apart from work, the needed household chores, & tending my little garden :'( Since getting back from my trip to Japan (mid May) 'til now, I was flying here there, working from morning 'til past midnight every weekday & I'm just catching a few minutes to type out this blog post before I jump into another conference call & fly off to Bangalore this weekend!

This was my last product review in June & I didn't have time to attend any events nor write on my recent trips to Japan & Houston (biz trip). How I look forward to the day where I can sit back, relax, unwind & blog once again!

As most of you would have known, Shihlin Taiwanese Street Snacks has recently launched a new series of freshly-made Taiwanese drinks i.e. Smoked Plum juice, Winter Melon Tea, & Honey Lemon Cooler. I didn't get to try the popular Honey Lemon Cooler as it was unavailable at the time I visited one of their outlets in Shah Alam.

I must say that I liked their packaging as it is reusable! It's slightly 'flimsy', but I guess it's definitely more space-saving when stored in the refrigerator. I felt that the drinks are best consumed cold/chilled :) The drinks were generally too sweet for me as I don't really fancy drinking sweet drinks, but it's quite a good drink on-the-go. I'll pick the familiar winter melon tea over the smoked plum juice as I felt the latter was too sour + too sweet for my tastebuds. Get a packet or two on-the-go to try out for yourselves at RM3.80/packet :)

The drinks are great with some of Shihlin's deep-fried Sweet Plum Potato Fries too!

Time to head over for the next conference call! I promise I will blog again, hopefully while I'm in India?

Stressed to da max,

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