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Review: "Be My Beau-tea-ful Valentine" Gift Idea by T Garden

>> Saturday, February 11, 2017

There's a French proverb that says, "Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace."

Since AP & I got married & moved into our new house, we've been blessed with a place to call home that comes with a small plot of empty land that I could get my garden growing. I've never had my hands into gardening since I've never lived in a landed property 'til 2 years ago, so having a small area to call 'my garden' sounded kinda fun :)

For those of you who have been following my FB or Instagram posts, you'll notice how crazy I can be when it comes to gardening (can be a perfectionist, even in gardening!) as I believe in the concept of "from the garden to the table". Seeing my physical plants bloom encourages me to 'bloom with grace' as an individual, wife & in all aspects of my life! :D

It's great to know that I'm not alone in believing in this concept as T Garden's flower teas are also organically grown without pesticides & can be consumed for general well-being.

French Rose Tea - RM10.00/20g in jar

I've written for T Garden last month, introducing the varie-tea of teas available in their range. This time around, I would like to share with you some of the benefits of consuming these flower teas, which you may want to consider purchasing for your own consumption or even as gifts this Valentine's Day. Giving your loved ones something different would be nice! :D

Review photos are taken right at my own garden! :P *wootz*

French Rose & Peach Flower tea
Women are highly concerned with their appearance (men are too, but more so the women), so keeping their skin glowing healthily is always something that they'll strive to do. Rose buds & dried, young peach flowers are packed with Vitamin C (plus Vitamin A & B as well). With our current environment & lifestyle, we're all exposed to toxins & free radicals that are harmful to our skin.

Consuming these teas on a regular basis can help improve the skin's complexion as well as boost our body's immunity, calm our minds on stressful days, aids digestion, weight loss & much more! It's also great for women who have menstrual cramps as drinking this tea will lessen the pain/cramps. You can read up more about these flower teas' benefits all over Google. Men should drink these teas too :D Who knows, it'll help you in ways that you can't be thankful enough for...hehe. 

Peach Flower Tea - RM8.00/20g in jar

Something that's created by the Creator can't be harmful to His own creation, can it? :)

I'm really intrigued by peach flowers as I love having peach tea & this baby flowers as tea are just aromatic :)

Jasmine Flower tea
More often than not, this flower is paired with tea leaves for consumption. The fragrant, floral scent of this flower just relaxes a person & it's a therapy on a busy day. The difference between drinking the flower by itself & drinking the flower paired with tea leaves such as green tea or oolong tea is the presence of caffeine. If you want your tea to be caffeine-free, just have the flower tea by itself.

Alike the French Rose & Peach Flower teas, this tea has also strong anti-oxidant properties that helps improve our health. One of the anti-oxidants called catechins helps to keep our blood pressure & cholesterol levels low/within optimum range. This is in addition to the other benefits to our immunity & skin's health.

Apart from the above, jasmine flowers also have antibacterial and antiviral properties. It's a great cold & flu reliever, for those who are suffering with constant flu like yours truly.

Jasmine Flower Tea - RM8.00/20g in jar

Diabetics can benefit from jasmine flower tea as well since it's claimed to reduce the blood sugar level. The compounds in the jasmine flower regulars sugar level as well as help build insulin within the body.

For any flower teas like these, drinking in moderation is sure to reap great benefits for a healthier lifestyle. Of course, if it's over consumed, you may get intestinal discomfort/pain from the higher level of acidity in your body. Well, these tea boosts metabolism & aids with weight loss, so it's not surprising that it's more acidic in nature.

I personally think that investing in such teas are an affordable investment considering the benefits & "ROI" that it gives on the long run when consumed regularly, in moderation. It's certainly way better than investing in cosmetics, medication & non-organic health products!

From just RM8.00/jar - RM10.00/jar for the flower tea series, I'll certainly encourage you to consider these as 'investment' in yourself & the lives of your loved ones. 

Buying 10 jars of tea (various flavors) costs you just RM100.00 & it'll be a way better RM100.00 spent compared to spending on stalks of fresh flowers/roses that you can't consume this Valentine's Day! Hahaha...you'll get a pretty paper bag for free with each jar too!

Yes, I'm the Ruthless Eater...give me anything good that can be eaten, can nourish my life/health & can heal my soul & I'll be satisfied to the brim :)

Check out T Garden's FB page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/tgarden.ktn/

Learning to live up to the concept of "from the garden to the table",


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