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Review: Launch of the Blanc Coco Sparkling Coconut Water

>> Saturday, January 21, 2017

Coconut water is very common in Malaysia & Thailand. It's the best drink on a hot day & it is well-known for its cooling effect to the body. But have you heard of sparkling coconut water? That's like having a "natural Coke", eh? :D

Blanc Coco is the WORLD'S FIRST 100% sparkling coconut water & was launched last week in Malaysia by Euro-Atlantic Sdn Bhd for Thai Coconut Public Company Limited! Yes, our country hosted the launch of the world's first 100% sparkling coconut water!

This unique & refreshing thirst-quencher is rich in nutrition & comes from the best type of coconuts, the Nam Hom variety that's grown in the Ratchaburi Province of Thailand. The Nam Hom coconut is known as "The King of Coconuts" & is reputed to be the best in the world. It is harvested at the young age of 30 days old for its sweet coconut water. Its one-of-a-kind fragrance makes the Blanc Coco 100% Sparkling Coconut Water, which you'll never find in any other species of coconuts.

At present, there are 4 flavors of Blanc Coco 100% Sparkling Coconut Watter - Natural, Pomegranate, Mango & Pineapple, & Lemonade. As Malaysia is the 1st country in the world to have the Blanc Coco 100% SpaCoconut Water, Thai Coconut Public Company Limited will soon be launching this unique drink in Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand & also the United States.

Launch event of Blanc Coco 100% Sparkling Coconut Water

Variety of products under Thai Coconut Public Limited Company that's also available in Malaysia

Fun Facts of Blanc Coco 100% Sparkling Coconut Water:
  • Ultimate refreshing
  • Never from concentrate
  • Only 22 KCal per bottle
  • No preservatives
  • No sugar added
  • 100% coconut  water + CO2 injection
  • Zero fat
  • Zero cholesterol
  • All natural

The launch took place at Samplings on the Fourteenth, Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur. There were welcome speeches, cutting of the launch ribbon, followed by a short media Q & A before the media representatives were ushered to a Thai-sampling dinner.

Welcome speech by General Manager of Euro-Atlantic, Mr Adrian Ung

Speech by Managing Director of Euro-Atlantic, Ms Ebby Loo 

Toast to the start of the world's first 100% sparkling coconut water 

Speech by CEO of Thai Coconut Public Company Ltd, Ms Chanya Thanasakdipat

Ribbon-cutting ceremony 

All the products available in leading retailers in Malaysia & can also be purchased online at selected platforms 

Thai Coconut Public Company Limited also produces coconut milk beverages in 6 different flavors i.e. natural, durian (flavoring, not using actual durian), mango, melon, chocolate & coffee. They also produce Thai Coco snacks such as the Coconut Chips in original flavor, sour cream & onion, yoghurt, & spicy cheese (not available in Malaysia yet), plus Roasted Coconut Bars as well.

Media Q & A session

Melon Flavor Coconut Milk
The melon flavor was very evident. This flavor isn't my favorite as I found the melon taste stronger than the coconut taste. 

Durian Flavor Coconut Milk
There's no doubt that this is a durian flavored beverage. It's not overly pungent, but reminded me of durian ice-cream! 

Original Coconut Milk
I thought this was good! AP & I tried another brand of coconut milk beverage that we came across at Aeon Big one day & it wasn't pleasant to the palate. This was smooth, not overly thick, not chocking, & I could actually finish a bottle on my own. As for the other brand, I actually used it to cook curry as it was really difficult to consume as a beverage! Hahahaha.

Mango Flavor Coconut Milk
Quite pleasant, to be honest. No complains as it was a very common, no-fuss flavor of beverage that most people will be familiar with :) 

Coffee Flavor Coconut Milk
This was nice! Fragrant coffee aroma & taste with a lovely blend of coconut. Interesting.

Chocolate Flavor Coconut Milk
I won't mind drinking this any time & I think it's good for those who are lactose intolerant, but love chocolate milk :P Chocolatey enough to make me want to drink it up.

Best served chilled 

Original Flavor Coconut Chips
You won't realize you're chomping away on coconut chips if no one tells you it's coconut & if you don't see the packaging. This is ADDICTIVE! I'm not a fan of coconut snacks as it's usually fibrous & rough, but this felt like eating a nutty-chip. SO GOOD!

Roasted Coconut Bars
Alike our Chinese peanut bars, this comes with roasted coconuts, raisins & sunflower seeds. It wasn't too sweet, very crunchy & I thought it's really fragrant. Wouldn't mind having these at home as snacks! 

As Chinese New Year kicks in next weekend, why not grab some of these Blanc Coco 100% Sparkling Coconut Water & some coconut snacks to treat your relatives & friends who pop-by for a visit? I'm sure it'll be a refreshingly different treat compared to the usual sweetened drinks, carbonated drinks & cookies :D

Blanc Coco 100% Sparkling Coconut Water, 275ml (RM7.50/bottle)
Thai Coconut Milk beverage, 280ml (RM4.00/bottle)

For more information on the products, visit www.theblanccoco.com.

Go natural, go Blanc Coco!


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