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Review: Fruit & Flower Teas by T Garden

>> Thursday, January 12, 2017

Everyone knows that the history of tea begins way back in ancient China around 350 A.D. Various countries are well-known for their teas, especially China, India, Japan, Europe & even Turkey. Even Malaysia grows our own tea leaves in Cameron Highlands, eh? :D

Tea has its benefits & nature has its ways of providing, sustaining,  & restoring for itself, the way its Creator has purposed it to be. Fruit & flower teas are one of the "in" things now as more & more people are more health-conscious & looking at natural remedies for a healthier living. As the common Chinese/Ceylon tea leaves can sometimes cause selected individuals to stay awake through the night, fruit & flower teas are a good option for tea-lovers & those who are keen to draw benefits from these dehydrated/dried fruits & flowers.

T Garden is a new brand in Malaysia since its launch last October 2016. Started by a simple, tea-lover in Kuantan, this brand currently carries a variety of 11 fruit & flower teas. Their best seller is no doubt the blueberry tea, a fusion of blueberries, blackcurrants, grapes, hibiscus and rose buds, that is rich in vitamins & anti-oxidants. Some of the benefits include reducing the risk of diabetes, prevents dehydration, & boosts immunity. Best part is that all these fruit & flower teas are caffeine free! :) All their tea fruits/flowers are imported from Germany, & packed locally in Kuantan.

Left->Right: Chamomile, Jasmine, French Rose & Peach Flower (front, loose)

Each fruit/flower tea has its benefits. You can refer to T Garden's FB to read more about the health benefits & reap from the benefits that these teas give by consuming them regularly.

Left->Right: Peach, Dried Lemon (loose), Blueberry

Left->Right: Dried Ginger, Lemongrass & Gingko Leaves (front)

For this review, I have decided to try out the blueberry tea first since it's their best seller (can't be drinking all 11 types of tea at ONE go for this review!), just to check out how it really tastes & what's so special about it that most of their clients purchase this variety. I had the one in a tea bag, but to show you what exactly is in the bag, I opened the bag for photo purposes.

Blueberry tea bag

Just add hot water & you can see the rich, deep, dark red color of the blueberries slowly infused in the cup of hot water :D

Looks like the Ribena berry juice minus the sugar
The tea has a fruity & floral aroma. It has a tart, sourish taste, yet light & pleasant to the palate. One tea bag can actually last at least 2 cups & be enjoyed slowly. A colleague of mine who tried the same tea said that she keeps refilling her tea cup throughout the day as the taste of the blueberry mix is still evident even after several rounds of refilling.

You'll notice the berries & flower petals in the mix
If you prefer to have a slight sweetness to your tea, you can add honey :)

All of T Garden's teas are sold in the form of loose fruits/flowers/leaves or in sealed tea bags for convenience. Some people prefer to purchase the loose fruits/flowers/leaves as they have their own tea strainer or they prefer to put more tea ingredients into a large tea pot to be consumed throughout the day or by more people.

Sealed Bag Packaging Option
Photo credit: T Garden's FB page

They also sell their tea loose in jars, zip locked bags & metal tin gift boxes
At present, the gift boxes come in baby pink heart-shape, light turquoise heart-shape, silver square & gold square. 
Photo credit: T Garden's FB page

Tea prices 
Photo credit: T Garden's FB page

As Chinese New Year draws near, why not consider giving away some packets/jars/gift boxes of fruit & flower teas together with your cookies, mandarin oranges & CNY snacks to your relatives, friends, colleagues or business associates? After all, tea is a rather Chinese thing, right? Just that not everyone fancies Chinese tea, but they may find fruit & flower teas something new & pleasing to their palate! T Garden is also more than happy to package personalized hampers as gifts according to your budget as well, so feel free to drop them a message :D

If you're keen to purchase packets/jar/gift boxes of teas to include in your gift bags or hampers, do drop them a Facebook message or email them at tgarden.ktn@gmail.com with your enquiries/purchase order. Their FB page also provides a step-by-step instructions to purchase the tea. Do indicate that you're PerutBesi's reader & you'll get some sample tea bags to try out as well (only from now 'til 11th Febraury 2017)!

It's time to stay health-tea & beau-tea-ful! :D

Let's stay health-tea,


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