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Review: Mega View Hotel Kuantan (Day 2 of 2)

>> Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We had a good night's rest at the Mega View Hotel Kuantan that my big bear didn't even nudge when the fishing boat passed by the hotel. The sound from the boat's engine woke me up, so I dragged myself to check out what's the sound & what's the morning view from the balcony.

It was still very dark when I first woke up around 5:20a.m...

I went back to bed again since it was still too early for the sunrise & I just hope that I'll wake up in time to catch the sun rising from the hill afar i.e. Bukit Pelindung. I didn't want to set the alarm as it will wake the big bear up from his slumber.

I managed to roll out of bed after another hour of sleep, in time to wait for the sun to rise :) The view of dawn from the hotel room's balcony was lovely.

Check out the cloud formation...

No words suffice to describe the majestic view by the Creator :)


Good morning, Kuantan town!

Breakfast at the Ramin Coffee House was part of our room package. The breakfast buffet spread was very simple, yet sufficient. Most importantly, there were tasty food! :D I enjoyed the aromatic nasi minyak with chicken curry that morning. Their porridge was also very pleasing :) The breakfast buffet had a mixture of Western & Asian dishes to cater to different tastebuds.

We enjoyed our breakfast at the coffee house & relaxed quite a bit before setting out to our final beach spot, which happens to be my favorite beach for now. Every friend/guest who comes to visit Kuantan with me as their 'tour guide'/host will most likely visit this beach.

The weather was lovely that morning & it was really windy as well!

My favorite photo for the day with auntie Lilly panicking & laughing when her umbrella opened the other way :D

Blue skies, green coconut trees, white & clean soft, sandy beach

Black stones & clear sea water from the South China Sea

Wefie at the beach with the Hongs!

A crab changed its skin & went off somewhere

Hermit crab

Photo with the famous auntie Lilly

See you again, Pantai Batu Hitam

A short video clip of the actual sunrise & Pantai Batu Hitam with the crashing waves

After a great time at the beach, we went back to Mega View Hotel for a lunch review. This meal, we ordered their ala carte dishes, which were surprisingly delicious & affordable as well. In fact, it's just like any cafe prices (I think it may be more afforadable than certain cafes/kopitiams as well!).

L->R: Lemongrass Ice Tea, Mango Lassi, Mega P3 (Watermelon, Pineapple & Orange), Apple Juice, Passion Fruit Ice Tea, & Longan Ice Tea

Mee Goreng Mamak
It's way better than some actual mamak stalls/shops! The yellow noodles didn't have that boric acid taste & the generous serving of fried noodles was loaded with fish cake slices, potatoes, beancurd, seafood (if I recall correctly) & chicken breast meat pieces.

Nasi Goreng Kampung set
Every element on the plate has its distinct taste & texture. Auntie Lilly went bonkers over the sambal as it was really fragrant. In just 1 fried rice platter, you'll get some spicy sambal squid, a piece of fried chicken, 1 fried egg, some acar, & an assortment of condiments.

"Pei Pa" Chicken
This was one of the recommended dishes, so we tried it. It wasn't too bad, but I think they prepared it quite early, so the chicken pieces weren't hot/warm anymore. If it was warm & the skin was crispy, I think it would have tasted much nicer.

"Vietnam Prawns"
I've no idea how prawns are cooked in Vietnam since I've not visited that country, so I can't really comment. All I could say is that, if eaten hot, I think these will be delicious. The prawns are deep-fried 'til it's so crispy that you can eat the shell along with the flesh of the prawns without much problem. I think the sauce was slightly sweet & spicy, which was rather tasty.

The "Poke Rendang Burg" (RM12.80/set with 2 glasses of Coke)
This promotion is only valid in September. You still have 2 days to "catch 'em"! I didn't find the taste of the burgers very spectacular, but these are surely Instagram-worthy...haha.

Fruit platter & chocolate+fruit tarts

Overall, we had a really lovely time at the Mega View Hotel Kuantan. For the price you pay for the room & the food here, I think you won't have any regrets, especially the priceless "mega sunrise view" that only this hotel offers due to its strategic location :D

If you're a sunrise/chillax lover & prefer the convenience of an accommodation within town, you can't really go wrong with Mega View Hotel Kuantan. Of course if you're more "atas" & don't bother with "nature-y" views, there are other city hotel options around town ;)

Nature-view lover,


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