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What to eat in Kuantan: New & Improved Menu at Oui Chef Restaurant

>> Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Most Kuantanians & even friends of Kuantanians who live in neighboring states/countries would have heard the 'big buzz' on Oui Chef's opening last month. With just a month into the restaurant industry, this restaurant with humble beginnings sure satisfied many customers. Of course, they'll find the occasional dissatisfied customers, varying from reasons like the below:

1. Full House Disbelief
Oui Chef: "Sorry, we're fully booked. Please come again. Would you like to make a reservation first?"
Customer's response #1: "Wah, what's so good about your restaurant 'til it's fully booked?!"

2. Medium-Well Steak Fury
Oui Chef: "Sir, your medium-well steak..."
Customer's response #1: "Why still red/pink wan...not cooked ar?"

The reality of opening a restaurant business doesn't hit an individual 'til he/she is faced with both the good & bad of humans...hahaha. Nevertheless, negative feedback & comments did not deter the team at Oui Chef to improve on their menu & service to please their continuous flow of customers each day & to give of their best to their customers.

Just yesterday, they launched a new & improved menu, featuring some fusion pastas. Here are the changes on their menu:

Added into the menu
Percik Spaghetti with Chicken
Seafood Green Curry Spaghetti
Spicy Seafood Arrabbiata
Honey Baked Cod Fish (seasonal)
Wagyu Beef Steak (seasonal)
Mashed potatoes

Removed from the menu
"Breakfast Specials" section
"Asian Specials" section - removed from the main menu, but is available during lunch hours only on their lunch menu
Spaghetti Bolognase

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Percik Spaghetti with Chicken (RM22.90+/serving)
If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I love intense flavors & I dare say that Oui Chef's Percik Spaghetti with Chicken was lip-smacking! I love it when restaurants put together fresh ingredients & bring out the best of each ingredient in a dish. You can expect a creamy, aromatic, typically Asian yet still having a touch of Western element in this dish. It's not overly spicy, yet there was enough chili 'heat' to take away any cloying feel to this cream-based pasta.

Seafood Green Curry Spaghetti (RM26.90+/serving)
I thought the flavor for this dish was rather similar to the percik, but as I took bite after bite, both these dishes had its distinct flavors. In every mouthful, you can actually play the game of "guess what ingredients are in the green curry/percik paste?" & the best part is to actually be able to call out the ingredients one by one! I know there are kaffir lime leaves, galangal, tumeric, chili, lemongrass, & cream among the many other ingredients blended into the paste. Seriously, the food here can only get better each time I dine here. Hats off to the passionate team of chefs at Oui Chef Restaurant!

Spicy Seafood Arrabbiata (RM26.90+/serving)
This pasta's style is certainly different from the 2 other newly introduced pastas above. It's a tomato-based spaghetti instead of cream-based. We thought it's kinda spicy, living up to its name, that those who love spicy dishes will certainly be pleased with this pasta. When we tried it, we felt that it was slightly heavy on the capsicums, so we informed Chef Eugene, who will certainly tweak the recipe to reduce the amount of capsicums added to the dish. Overall, this dish was delicious, "syiok" & has a "kick". The seafood were fresh (thankfully! I rarely order seafood pastas as the probability to sink my teeth into some not-so-fresh seafood is quite high) & the pasta was flavorful.
Note: This photo is taken using a phone camera instead of the Lumix as we went back the following day to try it.

Earl Grey Creme Brulee (RM9.90+/serving)
The earl grey creme brulee has been on their menu since day 1, but I've never tasted it 'til last evening. One will just fall in love with the sight of a semi golden brown sugar-crusted custard with some fresh strawberries to brighten up the dessert. As you dig into the custard (I didn't take the messy picture of the 'inner custard' though), you'll find the light grey custard that when you place a mouthful into your mouth, the lovely taste of earl grey tea will fill the space behind your lips...hahaha...it's refreshingly delicious!

The new menu introduced on 11th July 2016 

If you've tried their fusion pastas yesterday, do share your experience with me & let Oui Chef Restaurant know if there's any area of improvement that they can work on as well ;)

** Update, 21 July 2016

Wagyu Beef Steak with Black Pepper Sauce (RM120.00+/serving)
Comes with some salad dressed in balsamic vinaigrette, mashed potatoes & sauteed mushrooms
The steak was tender & juicy, with the marbling/fat-contents tasted in every bite :) We enjoyed this steak despite the price (yup, it's not your everyday kinda steak, but more for special occasions or to try at least once for AP, who hasn't had wagyu before this) & would recommend it to those who would love a slightly 'fatty steak' :P This dish is seasonal, so the restaurant will place a notice outside the restaurant if it's available. The mashed potatoes, salad & mushrooms went well with the dish, but the black pepper sauce wasn't necessary if you want to enjoy the steak as it is with a simple salt & pepper seasoning ;)

Oui Chef Restaurant
B28, Ground Floor, Star City
Jalan Seri Kuantan 81
25300 Kampong Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: (+609) 505 5004
Business hours: Thurs - Tues 12:00p.m. - 3:00p.m. & 6:30p.m. - 10:00p.m. (last order at 9:30p.m.; close on Wednesdays)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ouichefrestaurant/
GPS: 3.8242806,103.3347442

Certainly innovative & delicious!


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