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What to eat in Kuantan: Herbal soup noodles at Restoran Guan Heng

>> Friday, July 22, 2016

Lately, I've been feeling slightly more nostalgic & wanting to find certain cuisines that I used to enjoy back in PJ, right here in Kuantan. Thanks to uncle FT, my "Kuantan dad" since uni days, I got to enjoy a delicious herbal soup noodles breakfast yesterday morning at Bukit Sekilau area.

It's a very simple coffeeshop with 1 stall in the morning (yeah, this is available only for breakfast, I think. Not sure if she's opened for lunch as well), selling noodles & uncle FT brought me here to try her herbal soup noodles.

Usually, the soup is served with yellow noodles, but I opted to have it with mee suah instead of yellow noodles. You can order herbal duck, herbal chicken or herbal pork ribs with your noodles as well, with the duck noodles a ringgit more than others.

Herbal Pork Ribs Mee Suah (RM5.50/serving)
Not too bad. I think it lacks the sweetness from the licorice root/"kam chou", but it's comparatively more herbal than most places that I've tried although nothing beats what I have back home :)

See I told you it's a simple coffeeshop... 

Street view: Jalan Sekilau 4/1

This probably is one of my shorter posts, eh? :P I thought it'll be nice to just share so that if you've cravings as such, at least you have an option. Cheers!

Herbal soup any time,


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