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Trip to Houston, June 2016: Kemah Boardwalk & Saltgrass Steak House

>> Monday, July 4, 2016

A friend of mine asked me last Friday, "Babe, you just ate Indian food in Houston ar??" Aduh...that's just day 1...hahahaha. I'm quite sure that many people were scratching their heads, wondering why did I go all the way to the other side of the world just to have Indian food & nothing else.

Day 1 was a rather chillax day with just some shopping at the Houston Premium Outlet. Day 2 on the other hand was way more eventful! Here are the highlights of our Sunday, which I'll blog in 2 separate posts since it'll take quite some scrolling down the blog post if I were to squeeze everything into 1 post.

Sunday, 19 June 2016
Breakfast at hotel
Attend "The Story" church service at St Luke's Methodist Church, downtown
Collect free concert tickets at the Miller Outdoor Theatre
Lunch & sight-seeing at the Kemah Boardwalk
Dolphin cruise at Galveston (will be in the next blog post)
Juneteenth concert at the Miller Outdoor Theatre (will be in the next blog post)

Crazy eventful day, eh? Told'ja! :P

Complimentary hotel breakfast
Quite yummy although VERY salty compared to what I had at Palo Alto a few years back

The exterior of St Luke's Methodist Church, Downtown Houston 

Kemah Boardwalk was almost an hour's drive from church (60+km) & is approximately 91km from our hotel. Yup, it's all the way down south of Houston, but we thought we'll check that place out since we had a whole day to experience Houston :) The area is actually an old-fashioned waterfront amusement park with a "cowboy town" feel. The weather on that Sunday was perfect for a day trip & especially a trip to an outdoor amusement park, but we were just not too keen to go on the rides...hahaha.

The amusement park

The waterfront 

The thrilling ride, which looks really scary as the tracks were all just wooden planks... 

Here in Houston, beef steak is probably the most popular dish to have as a tourist. I was there with 2 other colleagues, so it was a good opportunity to share a few dishes & try out more than 1 dish if I were to travel alone. It was a random decision to dine at Saltgrass Steak House since it was the 1st restaurant that we came across (I didn't plan to dine at Kemah Boardwalk), but I think it was a good decision :D

Saltgrass Steak House
Kemah Boardwalk
215 Kipp Ave
Kemah, TX 77565
United States.
Tel: (+1) 281-538-5441
Business hours: Sun - Thurs 11:00a.m. - 9:30p.m.; Fri & Sat 11:00a.m. - 10:30p.m.
GPS: 29.5467467,-95.0193797

We were there during Father's Day, so the steak house was busy with families & groups of diners. The interior of the restaurant reminded us very much of what we see in the movies i.e. hunted animal heads & quote plates decorating the wooden-looking walls.

We had a glass of beer & flavored lemonade before moving on to our starter & entree.

Flavored lemonade


Starter/Appetizer: Artichoke & Spinach Dip
Their version of artichoke & spinach dip wasn't like what I've expected; I was envisioning a mashed version. Having said that, it was still a nice vegetarian starter to whet our appetites for more goodies. Each table is also served a complimentary serving of fresh baked bun with fragrant butter (right of the photo below), which I think is from Texan cows...hahaha. Yums!

Caesar Salad
As AK is a vegetarian, she had the Caesar Salad with Balsamic Vinegar & Ranch dressing. This is a clean, simple & fresh salad that suits any vegetarian without doubt.

Steak & Cake
 S2 & I shared this dish. The steak was perfectly done though slightly too salty for my liking. The crab cake was alright - it could be better :) The mash was good though. Oh, the shrimps - nothing much to complain except that it's also slightly too salty...hahaha. Overall, this is a decent dish although I won't go for seconds since it's too salty for my liking.

Exterior of Saltgrass Steak House

It was a satisfying meaty meal after a day of having vegetarian on Saturday. We had a stroll at the waterfront before heading off to Galveston for the Dolphin Cruise! Stay tuned with The Ruthless Eater - I'll share on the dolphin cruise & Galveston in my next post :)

'Twas an exciting day,


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