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What to eat in Kuantan: A 'secret hideout' curry mee? *yay*

>> Friday, June 10, 2016

Yes! Another curry mee place...and this time, it felt like some 'secret hideout' to me :D

The curry mee looks good, right?

For those who have tasted the curry mee at the old bus station by the riverside or the curry mee at "I Love Yoo!", this is the same stall, but they're now operating at their residence. I think it should be licensed as too many people are aware of this place & I'm sure they won't want to get into license complications ;)

Located at a semi-D house in the housing area behind Alliance Bank on Jalan Beserah, Cecelia sure serves a hearty bowl of curry mee, filled with aromatic goodness.

We didn't know where exactly the place was since we were only told that it's at a semi-D house behind Alliance Bank, so we drove slowly & actually, what we saw was a house with the gate left ajar with a tiny "Welcome" sign...hahaha...we knew instantly that it was this house!

The tiny "Welcome" sign that we saw when we drove past the house
You'll have to walk to the back of the house from the side 'garden pathway'.

When you're driving, you can't really read words like this, you know...haha...

Right at the backyard lies the 'stall', which is spacious enough to fit at least 35-40 people at one go?

The menu is very straight forward. It would be nicer to have some pictures as people like me do not read Chinese & for some people, the English translation doesn't help as well since they can't imagine how the dish looks like.

Everything here is self-service since Cecelia is the only one cooking & her domestic helper is serving + cleaning

You can help yourself to the drinks, which aren't FOC, mind you...hahaha...that's what I thought of initially & I was like "Oh wow, free drinks??"

There's a price list for drinks. All herbal teas are refillable, so for RM1.00/cup of barley & RM1.50/cup of chrysanthemum tea, you can drink as many cups as you wish. Coffee & tea are also self-service, but they're all 3-in-1 packet drinks, which aren't refillable & if I remember correctly, they aren't cheap nor really worth drinking as well :P

They offer 2 types of chilies to go with your noodles. The thicker paste is spicier compared to the watered-down version. I prefer the thicker version although I'm not very much a spicy-eater, but I find that it's more fragrant.

I like my curry mee thick, aromatic & flavorful, so this version was actually satisfying. A bowl of typical curry mee here comes with noodles, "taufupok", "foo chuk", chicken & fishballs, It doesn't have yong tau foo, but you can add-on for RM1.50/piece of yong tau foo of your choice.

Curry mee (RM5.00/bowl)

The yong tau foo pieces
It's not the best yong tau foo, for sure. The fish paste wasn't generously filled into the vegetables & the beancurd didn't have any fish paste in it :( Quite expensive, if you ask me. I guess if you want juicy pieces of yong tau foo with your curry noodles, Jess Cafe would be the better choice. 

Here at Cecelia's, you'll find a type of noodles dish that you can rarely find elsewhere i.e. the Salted Vegetables Loh Shu Fun/Mouse-Tail Noodles (RM5.00/bowl). It has a 'clear' taste, but still had the specialty of salted vegetables in the soup, which gives it a rather homey feel. Hungry diners or just those who have a large appetite may not find this bowl satisfying enough since the portion isn't exactly large. It's good enough for breakfast or small eaters, though :)

We also order a side dish of their fried beancurd roll with fish paste but we weren't impressed with the taste; it was somewhat too salty for us & it wasn't anything special.

Fuzhok Roll/Beancurd Roll with Fish Paste (RM6.00/roll) 

I think I'll come here for a satisfying bowl of curry mee & maybe their rice dishes, which I've yet to try. If it's for yong tau foo with good curry mee, Sri Galing still wins my heart. Heeheehee...

Cecelia's Curry Mee
7, Lorong Air Putih 48
25300 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: (+6013) 932 4415
Business hours: I think they're opened for both breakfast & lunch, so you can expect to have a meal there from 7:30a.m. or 8:00a.m. 'til around 2:30p.m. Call to ask if you need to be sure :) They're opened daily except for Sundays.
GPS: 3.8339957,103.346301

In search for the best curry mee in Kuantan,


ynf _m November 7, 2016 at 2:31 PM  

The GPS Coordinate should be : 3.833957,103.346301

PerutBesi November 10, 2016 at 1:53 PM  

@ynf_m: Thanks for the correction!:D

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