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What NOT to eat in Kuantan: Thai Style Kitchen

>> Thursday, June 2, 2016

PerutBesi: Hi, ni ape? *points to the picture on the menu (as circled in blue)
Waiter: Er...*looks closely at the menu* ni kerabu Maggi.../this is 'kerabu Maggi'...
PerutBesi: Hmm...ok, nak satu.../one please...

After waiting for almost 20-30 minutes...(terribly long wait considering we're the only 2 diners there & all we ordered were a bowl of soupy noodle, a plate of fried rice, a plate of stir-fried veggie & a plate of deep-fried squid)

Tadaaa...'kerabu Maggi'...eh? I thought it's supposed to be a soupy noodle dish?? *confused & upset, I called for the waiter*

Kerabu Maggi (RM9.90/serving)
It was for the lack of a better word, terrible. I rarely say such things about my food & I'm usually quite gracious with my comments, but yes, I'm the Ruthless Eater. It was overly salty, extremely spicy, pretty sourish & they added squid balls & 'balls of sort' as part of the stir-fried Maggi noodles to serve their diners! Come on...this ain't a kid's meal...even if it is, please do not serve kids such unhealthy & unappetizing dishes... *wergh*

PerutBesi: Kerabu Maggi bukannya ada sup punya ke?/I thought the 'kerabu Maggi' has soup? *points to the menu again*
Waiter: Er...jap/wait *takes the dish to the kitchen & comes out with the cook, who is some 'makcik'/aunty*
Cook: Ni Kerabu Maggi....takda sup punya.../This is 'kerabu Maggi'...there's no soup...
PerutBesi: Dalam menu gambarnya ada sup.../The photo on the menu showed that there's soup...
Cook: Oh...hehe...salah gambar...tu Tom Yam...maaf ye.../I'm sorry, it's the wrong photo...that's the Tom Yam...
PerutBesi: *speechless....I decided to eat it anyway cos I was really hungry*

We were just wondering what to have for dinner, when we drove past this restaurant that looks relatively new & isn't packed. Well, to be honest, it was 'empty'.

See...I didn't lie to you...

We were expecting a decent thai-style meal since they're boldly calling themselves "Thai Style Kitchen". Unfortunately, there are a few factors that disappointed the foodie in me:

1. The restaurant had nothing Thai as part of their deco
2. The songs played over the speakers had zero Thai elements. Instead they were playing Islamic songs throughout our entire dinner experience. We're very opened to eating at Muslim restaurants & stalls, but this wasn't a very pleasant experience at all.
3. The dishes on their menu weren't exactly Thai-style dishes. They were more Malay-style dishes.

The restaurant is opened from morning through night. I'm not sure if that's the reason why the food took such a long time to be served (lack of sleep, maybe?) & how can such simple dishes taste so unappetizing??

To be really honest, my hubs, who is REALLY not picky with his food, said that this is the worst meal he has ever had...not sure if it's in Kuantan or in his life for the longest time! I have to agree with him that the food here isn't even average-tasting what more when put on the scale with the price we're charged for the food & service that we received.

Sotong Goreng Tepung/Deep-Fried Squid in Batter (RM8.00/serving)
It's not that easy to have a deep-fried dish go wrong, but this was disappointing. Nothing crispy, but soggy & it wasn't tasty/fragrant as well. Many other Malay stalls can do WAY better. Midnight Malay stall near the Shell petrol station on Jalan Teluk Sisek wins hands down.

Kailan Ikan Masin/Kailan with Salted Fish (RM6.00/serving - like for 1 pax size)
This was alright, but the portion wasn't worth the price paid. I could eat at Chinese restaurants for  at least double the portion.

The fried rice didn't look photo-worth at all, so I didn't bother taking a photo PLUS the hubs was too hungry, so I didn't want to keep him waiting. Bottom line, no more heading here...

Seems like some people gave 5-stars rating on FB for the food at this restaurant, so we may be really unfortunate to be there that particular day when bad service, bad food, bad song selections were all coming through during dinner time.

Thai Style Kitchen
B6 Ground Floor, Lorong Tun Ismail 11
Sri Dagangan 2
25000 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: (+6014) 521 5353
GPS: 3.817343,103.3298947

I'm not going back there,


Angeline Ng June 3, 2016 at 7:09 AM  

What a bad experience! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hope they can improvise... (><)

PerutBesi June 3, 2016 at 11:06 AM  

@Angeline Ng: Yeah! It's rare that we come across such unpleasant experience & it's not easy to put it into less negative words :P I sure hope they will improve...

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