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What to eat in Kuantan: Yong Tau Foo Curry Noodles at Jess Cafe

>> Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's lunch hour! If you're in Kuantan & you're still wondering what to eat, why not just head to Jess Cafe at Star City Kuantan for some juicy, full-of-bite yong tau foo curry noodles or even 1-dish meals?

Curry Yong Tau Foo Noodles (RM8.70/bowl excluding GST)

Jess Cafe has been around for many years & it's usually packed during lunch hours, so if you're planning to have lunch there, you may want to get there as early as possible or you'll end up standing & waiting for a place to sit.

"Full house" yesterday during lunch hour 

This cafe is well-known for its yong tau foo noodles as the yong tau foo pieces are kinda large & they also have other rice dishes. You can also find snacks, desserts & drinks on their what I'll label as "terribly worn out" menu that's filled with just words without images *ergh* It's not THAT easy to order your food if you're here for the 1st time & have no clue what you want to eat.

Here's what we had yesterday:

Green Apple + Orange Juice (RM5.50/cup excluding GST)
Their juices aren't too bad, pretty concentrated, but I find it quite costly for a small town like Kuantan. The price is pretty much alike what I'll have to pay when I'm back in PJ.

Japanese Style Vegetable Pancake (RM5.90/serving excluding GST)
 One of my friends ordered this, thinking that he's still kinda full from breakfast. The pancake was REALLY DELICIOUS! It was fragrant, crispy on the outside yet soft & filled with vegetables on the inside & the mayonnaise makes the snack more enjoyable. Highly recommended! It's just like the okonomiyaki, but a thinner version, I think.

Bitter Gourd Egg Chicken Soup Rice (RM8.90/serving excluding GST)
This was a 'wrong' order as my friend wrote something else, but his hand-writing was mistaken as another dish...hahaha...nevertheless, he ate it up & found that it was a very tasty dish. The soup had the Chinese rice wine in it & the fragrance of the fried egg with bittergourd was just a taste from home that makes a satisfying meal. It's a good meal of rice, meat, vegetable & eggs :D 

Dry Noodles with Curry Yong Tau Foo (RM8.70/serving excluding GST)
 This was what we came here for - the curry yong tau foo. AP had the dry noodles version with the Sg Lembing noodles. He's still not a fan of Jess Cafe's curry since it's not as thick & creamy as Sri Galing's :P

Yong Tau Foo Curry Noodles (RM8.70/serving excluding GST)
 I had this for the 1st time ever. Yup, Jess Cafe has been around for so many years, but since AP isn't a fan of this place somehow, we've never been here 'til we got together for lunch with our friends from Jammer Music. I enjoyed the plump yong tau foo pieces, a version that's similar to the Hakka yong tau foo, but this version has more fish than pork in the filling. If I'm not mistaken, there's a small portion of salted fish added to the fish+pork paste yong tau foo stuffing as well. The curry soup was moderately thick, not exactly creamy & not as spiced-aromatic as Sri Galing's. Each bowl of standard yong tau foo curry noodles comes with 3 pieces of yong tau foo, 2 pieces of half-a-taufupok & the noodles in a bowl of curry soup. It's quite a filling meal.

A pretty meaty & juicy piece of yong tau foo

If you're like me, someone who has been staying in Kuantan for some time now, but have yet to try out Jess Cafe, I'm quite sure that you'll find something that you'll fancy from this cafe for your meal :) There're "tong sui" desserts too if you've had your meal...hahaha ;)

Jess Cafe
No. A15, Jalan Seri Kuantan 80
Star City
25300, Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: +60 17-946 3133
Business hours: Tuesdays - Sundays 9:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. (Close on Mondays)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Jess-Cafe-204634319582411/
GPS: 3.8245495,103.3351771

Presentation (does it look mouth-watering): * * * 1/2
Price (is it affordable - more stars = YES): * * *
Environment (is the place comfortable, cosy, clean, pleasant): * * *
Taste (is the food delicious, worth coming back for more): * * * 1/2
Service (are the service providers friendly, efficient, polite): * * *


A good place for juicy yong tau foo curry noodles,


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