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What to eat in Kuantan: Western Food at Heritage Wine & Dine

>> Sunday, May 22, 2016

PerutBesi: Hi, what would you recommend?
Waitress: Oh, do you eat lamb? Our signature dish is the Heritage Cajun Lamb!

The verdict: Lamb's tasty, but the portion's kinda too small for the price paid :( Boo... Yes, I'm one who's picky with food + price. Read on to find out more...

Heritage Cajun Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce (RM28.00/serving)

Heritage Wine & Dine has been around for many years (most locals would know this place), but throughout the years that I was here, I've never come to know this restaurant. It sits right above Chill & Grill, a pretty well-known pub/bistro cum restaurant on the busy road of Jalan Beserah & has not any eye-catching signboard. Frankly speaking, its' rare to find restaurants on the 1st floor of shophouses apart from areas like Star City, Kuantan.

The bar counter area

As I walked into the restaurant with AP, my expectations of the restaurant changed almost immediately. I envisioned a spacious restaurant with just tables & chairs plus some simple decor when I enter the restaurant, but the reality is that the bar counter sits right in front of the entrance & the tables & chairs are all at both sides of the bar counter. Hmm...feels more like a drinking place than a dining restaurant to me.

One corner of the dining area

Not a very well-lighted restaurant & has some quirky decor

The lady who approached us is probably the owner of the restaurant; she has thick make-up on her face, especially her eye shadow color & was dressed so casually in a tight sleeveless top + short denim pants/hot shorts. She was really bubbly & was certainly more than willing to recommend the best dishes available at the restaurant. What we had that evening was all recommended by her.

The restaurant serves a variety of western dishes & drinks as well. I've yet to try their pasta & seafood dishes, so I may pop by another time.

Long Island Iced Tea (RM28.00/glass)
We started off with a glass of cocktail each to 'celebrate' my birthday cum our 1st-month wedding anniversary. I could taste the rum & vodka, but somehow there's not much cola & other alcohol, so the mixture wasn't as 'up to standard' as some other restaurants that AP has been to.

Hokkaido Snow (RM28.00/glass)
This was something new. It's truly as if we haven't had enough of Hokkaido during our honeymoon that the lady actually recommended the Hokkaido Snow to me. It's not a cocktail name that you can commonly find elsewhere, but we think it's a version of saketini where there's sake, gin & seems like some lychee liquor of sort. One of the foreign bar workers said that there's sakura flavor, but hmm...I'm not too sure how sakura tastes like :P I guess the only reason why they call it the Hokkaido Snow was the color + the ice =.="

Heritage Cajun Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce (RM28.00/serving)
As mentioned above, the taste of the lamb was actually quite tasty. I think they marinated the lamb chops with satay marinade! Well, it does taste like satay kambing...hahaha. I find that the 2 pieces of lamb chops were too thin. The salad on the side wasn't anything fanciful as well as it's just garden greens with some sweetened mayonnaise. The mash was slightly chunky, which we liked, but it was slightly dry.

Ribeye Steak with Brown+Whiskey Sauce (RM50.00/serving + RM3.00 for the whiskey sauce)
For RM50.00, the portion of the steak was REALLY tiny. Although cooked to perfection i.e. medium, as requested, the portion served was just insufficient to satisfy a hungry man's tummy. The whiskey brown sauce had the hint of whiskey, but wasn't very spectacular. We weren't aware that there was an additional charge of RM3.00 for added whiskey to the sauce since we weren't informed when the lady recommended the option to us.

We're somewhat disappointed with the price & portion although the taste was acceptable. Kuantan is small enough a town to hop over to the next nearest restaurant, so with my current mindset that each meal should be satisfying, not just the taste, but the portion, price & ambiance, I think I won't put this restaurant as my top 3 western restaurants to visit in Kuantan. *boohoo*

Heritage Wine & Dine
Jalan Beserah
25300 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
GPS: 3.8277288,103.3398263

Slightly disappointed,


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