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What to eat in Kuantan: Waffles, Coffee,Cheesecake & More at Java Flava!

>> Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kuatan is a relatively small town in comparison to townships like Petaling Jaya. Most people would assume rather easily that there's nothing much here that's fanciful, interesting or even exciting, but hey, I personally think that here in Kuantan, I've found one of the best waffles that I've tasted!

Looks good, eh?

Started & managed by a group of young adults, this simple cafe is tucked at quite a 'secluded' area of Kuantan i.e. at Bukit Sekilau. Although not located directly at the heart of town, it sure is THE place for many dessert & coffee-lovers to go to when they're in town.

Java Flava is opened for breakfast to evening tea-time & from dinner 'til supper. They have a menu that could easily satisfy hungry diners (and just pure greedy/"wai sek" ones like yours truly on certain days) for all 3 meals & snacks in between meals. You'll find sandwiches, pasta, breakfast sets, & desserts as well.

Their interior decor is more towards a vintage style, telling a tale of the 'good old days' when life is much simpler & people are more easily satisfied with the simplicity of life. Most of their items on display at the cafe are their personal collection or items belonging to their family members/friends. It's no doubt a great place to just sit back, enjoy your time with good company or even have "me time" over an aromatic cuppa coffee or tea with a meal/dessert.

The cafe is actually slightly narrow but long/deep-in, with 2 sections, non-smoking & smoking (at the back). I'm quite sure that you can even have events/private functions at the back since the sections are separated by a door :)

As we had dinner right before visiting Java Flava, we just ordered a slice of their Philadelphia Cheesecake & their Midnight Crossover Waffle.

Philly (Philadelphia) Cheesecake
Very rich, not too sweet, has some acidity of lemon juice (not enough, I feel) & it's firmly standing on top of a digestive-biscuit crust. If you crave cheesecake, this IS cheesecake! You won't feel short-changed ;)

Midnight Crossover Waffle (I think it's around RM15.00 - RM18.00/serving)
This waffle was introduced just 2 months ago. The "crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside" waffle is drizzled with espresso and peanut sauce to give it a rich, nutty, sweet-savory taste with a hint of coffee aroma (they even provide an additional serving of the sauce for you to load up on the calories!). Then it's dressed with fresh home-made whipped cream on top of a scoop of chocolate ice-cream that sits on some chocolate cookies crumbs. As if it's not sinful enough, a mini La Creameria pecan flavored ice cream, coated with milk chocolate and almond finally stands tall on the 'shoulder of the scoop of chocolate ice-cream' to complete the dish. It's certainly living up to its name. So this is what midnight cravings do to a person...everything sinful loaded into 1 plate so that you can have it any time throughout the day, here at Java Flava! *eek!*

We're SO gonna put on weight with the massive load of calories that evening!
And look at my half drunk face! Ahahaha...we had dinner with some cocktail (I'll share in another post to feature that restaurant) before coming here for dessert, so it was a really "high" night :P High in alcohol, high in sugar, high in calories! *eek*

The totally delicious waffle :D 

So here's another option for your breakfast/lunch/snack tomorrow :P I'm sure most Kuantan residents would have heard of this place. Those from neighboring states who will be visiting Kuantan soon, you now have another "makan" place to add to your list! ;) Don't say I never share ya....hahaha....

Java Flava
B-1786 Lorong Sekilau 30
25300 Kuantan
PahangDarul Makmur
Tel: (+609) 553 4470
Business hours: 10:00a.m. - 6:30p.m., 7:30p.m. - 11:00p.m. (Mon - Wed); 10:00a.m. - 6:30p.m., 7:30p.m. - 12:00a.m. (Fri - Sun); Closed on Thursdays
FB: https://www.facebook.com/javaflavacafe
GPS: 3.8232627,103.30315

Presentation (does it look mouth-watering): * * * *
Price (is it affordable - more stars = YES): * * *
Environment (is the place comfortable, cosy, clean, pleasant): * * *
Taste (is the food delicious, worth coming back for more): * * * 1/2
Service (are the service providers friendly, efficient, polite): * * * 1/2


Their waffles are simply satisfying,


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