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What to eat in Kuantan: Simple, tasty, affordable meals at The Plain

>> Monday, May 23, 2016

** Update: 24th May 2016 - the 2 aunties are away for holiday 'til July! *gasps* Just when I blog about this place, they're now closed for a whole 1+ month. I wonder where the 2 aunties are going? Summer break wei.... **

Star City Kuantan has much to offer. It's an area filled with restaurants & cafes, boutiques & shops selling all sorts. This humble restaurant by the name of "The Plain" is a true gem discovered, all thanks to AP & his band from Jammer Music.

Located at the 1st floor of Star City area, above the Digi Specialised Store & the corner roast duck restaurant called Sim Trinity, The Plain has nothing in terms of decor to boast (it is seriously plain!). However, when it comes to the taste, portion & quality of food served vs the price they charge per meal, I think it's a place worth dining to just enjoy the simplicity of life here in Kuantan. The best part, it's fully air-conditioned :P

I was informed by AP & his band members that this cafe is opened & managed by 2 aunties, 1 who takes the orders & serves customers, while the other aunty is behind the scenes cooking up all the delicious dishes. Experienced aunties can't go wrong when it comes to cooking simple, home-cooked meals, right? I'm not sure how true it is that there's only these 2 aunties working the entire morning 'til evening at this cafe, but it does look like it *lol*

Their menu is very straight forward with images/representation of the dishes to give you a visual view of what to expect. Prices of food start from RM6.90 & hey, there's no additional service tax nor GST! :D

You will find an array of food from sandwiches, burgers, noodles to one-dish rice meals & even finger food.

AP told me that their pork burger, which he tried previously, was delicious. I had a tough time choosing as I wanted to eat all the types of burgers on their menu! For a 1st-timer, I ordered the Hawaiian Pork Burger, a juicy & flavorful pork burger with a thick slice of sweetened pineapple, & a slice of cheddar cheese on a bed of tomato slices & salad leaves, brought together by warm, toasted buttered buns. *thumbs up* The fries were also nicely done, so I pretty much 'whacked' the whole plate of goodies without a tinge of disappointment.

Hawaiian Pork Burger with Fries (RM11.90/serving)

Home-made pork burger that didn't fail to satisfy me

Creamy Butter Chicken with Rice (RM7.90/serving)
AP ordered this & had no regrets. It was delicious! The creamy butter sauce had a good balance of savory with slight sweetness & some chili 'zing' to give the dish some 'kick'! You can also taste the aromatic curry leaves in the sauce *yums* The chicken breast pieces were fried to perfection, locking in all the moisture that such part of the chicken didn't feel dry at all. I hope they're consistent with their dishes 'cause what we had that day was really good :)

Tasty Baked Chicken Wings (RM10.90/serving of 3 sets of wings with drummets)
We actually had to wait really long for this plate of wings, which I felt wasn't worth the wait, but I have to say that if not for the waiting time, these wings make a great snack/finger food. I think it's marinated in hoisin sauce as it's sweet, savory & has that bean-like taste. It's something different from what you'll get at other cafes. This is actually very home-cooked/aunty style! Hahahahaha...

You'll rarely hear me praising cafes due to the prices charged for the quality & taste of food that I get, so this place is one that I'll recommend without a doubt. Let me pop by this place a couple more times to see if that place serves consistently good meals (the band assures me that these 2 aunties have been consistently serving good food, so I really have to check it out for myself) :P

The Plain Cafe
1st Floor, Lorong Seri Kuantan 81
Star City Kuantan
25300 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Business hours: Tues - Sun 11:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. (Close on Mondays)
GPS: 3.8248347,103.3367974
Note: Above the Digi Specialised Store opposite Nirvana

Will be back!


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