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Review: The Blue Cow Cafe & Deli, Plaza Damas

>> Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It was a fantastic moo-ve that Cathy Appleby & Scot Braithwaite, 2 of the partners of Blue Cow Cafe, took when they started the cafe back in the year 2006. Located at the Plaza Damas area, this hidden gem, tucked in the busy area of the Plaza Damas serves prime cuts, hand-made sausages & fresh meats that you can purchase from the deli & have your selected piece of meat cooked just the way you like it!

Scot was in the cattle business before venturing into this deli cum cafe business. His rich knowledge in handling cows & its meat has ensured that only the best are served to all customers at Blue Cow Cafe. All their beef cuts are imported chilled, not frozen, from Stanbroke Beef, Australia & Ralph Meats in Australia.

Their lamb on the other hand are imported chilled from Ramnco International & Southern Meat in Australia most of the time unless there aren't sufficient stock, which the deli will then import their lamb from New Zealand.

Pork cuts are locally bred & processed, only from the choice farm(s) in Malaysia, specially hand-picked by Cathy, Scot & their team.

Here at Blue Cow Cafe, all their burger patties are made of 80% brisket & served in 150g serving, while steaks usually come in 240g cuts. The team never marinates their meat products as just salt & pepper are more than sufficient to ensure that customers taste the freshness of the beef as it is.

Beef Rump Steak (RM6.99/100g)

Pork Loin Steak (RM41.90/kg) *best seller*

Straight from the deli to the grill

All their sausages are made fresh in-house (at least 4 types of sausages), 2kg per batch, & are kept maximum 3 days. As the sausages are made upon demand, you can be sure that you're only getting the freshest products from their deli to their kitchen (or to your own kitchen/bbq grill!).

Spicy Chorizo Sausages (RM5.82/100g)

Pork Sausages (RM5.49/100g) *best seller*

One of their latest products is the Guinness Ribs. The ribs are imported from Spain (more meaty), marinated (these pre-packed ribs are the only marinated meats in the deli/cafe) & cooked. Approximately 500g of the ribs are marinated for 3-4 hours before cooking. Once done, it will then be vacuum-packed & chilled. Customers who order these ribs will not need to wait for several hours for their ribs to be served as they're all pre-cooked & just needs to be reheated & served.

Let me share with you what we have tasted on that day:

Fresh Mixed Fruit Juice (RM10.00/glass)
All their fruit juices are not added with water, purely fruits.

Hearty Pea & Ham Soup (RM7.00/mini serving; RM12.00/bowl)
The peas used for the soup base are like dhal beans. It's mixed cream & ham to make it a hearty & delicious meal. Oh, the breadsticks are yummy too, so don't leave 'em aside!

Spicy Tomato & Bacon Soup (RM7.00/mini serving; RM12.00/bowl)
Made using fresh tomatoes, bacon, chili padi, & has no cream added to the soup, this was one appetizing soup that's not only delicious but nutritious as well. The soup was actually very thick & slightly chunky, fit to be a meal by itself! The added fried bacon strip gives the soup an added crunch & texture.

Bacon BOMB (RM12.00/serving of 2 meatballs)
I love meatballs! These meat-bombs were delicious :) Minced beef, onions, & green peppers made into huge meatballs, then wrapped in streaky bacon & smothered in Blue Cow's home-made BBQ sauce. Yums!

Pork Kebabs with Chili Lime Dressing (RM30.00/serving)
Each set of 2 pork kebabs come with a choice of 2 sides (photo below shows just 1 side) for a really satisfying meal. The pieces of pork belly are marinated with chili lime during grilling time to give the kebabs some 'zing'. The pieces of pork were juicy, tender & meaty.

Guinness Ribs (RM49.00/serving of 600gm)
The taste of Guinness was evident enough in the marinated ribs. You can choose 2 side dishes to accompany the ribs as well i.e. a type of mashed potato (traditional, bacon, spring onion, wasabi, grain mustard, mint or cheese flavor) + another side (coleslaw, steamed veggies, salad, potato salad, chips or rice). Our tasting serving came with bacon mashed potatoes & steamed veggies. It was truly a dish to slowly savor with good company.
*curry ribs are the only dry ribs without gravy*

We actually tasted the Spaghetti Carbonara as well, but strangely, I forgot to snap some photos of it! :( Their version of carbonara isn't as creamy, slightly more garlic-ish, but I liked the "herby" taste.

Two Eggs Benedict with French Ham, Florentine or Mushrooms (RM30.00/serving)
Even the English multi-grain muffins are made in house! If you prefer your eggs benedict with smoked salmon, it's RM19.00 for 1 egg benedict & RM38.00 for 2 egg benedicts, all sets served with a side of julienne salad drizzled with their in-house French dressing.

I love eggs benedict/poached eggs/anything eggs, so I don't really have any complaints for this dish since the eggs were poached perfectly :P

Pork Sausage served with Tomato Chutney (RM19.00 - RM30.00/serving) 
The pork sausages are made from pork shoulder & is best eaten with tomato chutney. It's made the Australian way where I find it slightly saltier than the usual, but much meatier & has more 'chew'. You can order 2 sausages with eggs & toast for RM19.00/serving or 2 sausages with mashed potatoes of your choice for RM30.00/serving. Those who prefer beef sausages (uses beef brisket) can opt for that as well.

We concluded our lunch tasting session with 2 delectable desserts/drink.

Sticky Dates Pudding with Caramel Sauce & Vanilla Ice-Cream (RM10.00/serving)
I kinda liked it although I'm not a fan of dates nor caramel nor sweet dishes...hahaha. This wasn't overly sweet nor cloying & I think it's a nice, petite dessert for sharing.

Australian Ice Coffee (RM15.00/glass)
Australian ice coffee isn't like our Malaysian version of ice + coffee a.k.a. coffee ice/"kopi peng". In a glass of Australian ice coffee, you'll get 1 shot of Illy coffee espresso, milk, 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, topped with whipped cream & grated chocolate. Crazy stuff? It's a REALLY delightful drink/dessert that you've to try while you're here at the Blue Cow Cafe!

You would probably have noticed that a bulk of the items that I've featured above are meatier, heavier meals. For customers who prefer something less meaty, Blue Cow Cafe serves sandwiches, pasta, & soups as well. You can also get the all-time-favorites like fish & chips, beef shepherds pie, meatloaves & more at this highly capable cafe!

Do pop by to check it out :) Prices, in my personal opinion, are above average, but if you're all for fresh, prime cuts of meats, then this is a place to try out. All items on the menu are available throughout the day, so you can actually have your steak as breakfast if you're really keen to do so!

The Blue Cow Cafe & Deli
N-1-4, Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 6201 3206
Business hours: 8:00a.m. - 10:00p.m. daily except Wednesdays
URL: Blue Cow KL
FB: The Blue Cow Cafe & Deli

Ratings (PerutBesi's view:
Presentation (does it look mouth-watering): * * * *
Price (is it affordable - more stars = YES): * *
Environment (is the place comfortable, cosy, clean, pleasant): * * *
Taste (is the food delicious, worth coming back for more): * * * 1/2
Service (are the service providers friendly, efficient, polite): * * * 1/2


Give me more meatballs & ribs!


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