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Review: SaladPlus.co, Quizinn Foodcourt, Nu Sentral

>> Thursday, December 3, 2015

Overall comment: A good variety of really fresh salad greens with well-mixed home-made dressings! They serve wraps, sandwiches, brown rice for both vegetarian & non-vegetarians as well.
Halal: Pork-free

The year is coming to an end. I really feel that time flies by & I'm trying to recall what I've done & achieved for this year 2015! I know for a fact that if I want to live a better quality life in each new year that we enter, eating & living healthily is really important.

The trend of late has been slowly, but surely moving towards eating more greens & a balanced diet. More & more friends are hitting the gym, going for jogs/runs & eating less oily food for an improved lifestyle. SaladPlus.co @ Nu Sentral, KL provides an avenue for busy working adults & students who would like to have a healthy, nutritious meal that keeps them satisfied after each meal. Many people think that they'll get hungry in like 2 hours after eating salads, but if you choose your ingredients wisely, your tummy will be happy 'til the next meal! :D

The stall is right in front, at the entrance of Quizinn Foodcourt

SaladPlus.co has been around for a year now & it opens from morning through the day. You can grab your healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner or even tea-time snacks at this stall. All their proteins/meats are baked, grilled, steamed or just pan-fried with minimal oil.

All their greens are delivered fresh each day & they take pride in their freshly delivered vegetables as well as their home-made dressings. Among their many special home-made dressings are the Vietnamese dressing, Detox dressing & Thousand Island dressing (Diana's greatest pride & joy).

Some of the ingredients used in their dressings are like: Vietnamese dressing - mint, cilantro, white sesame seed, palm sugar, lime, premium soya sauce (no fish sauce as the dressings need to be vegetarian to cater to vegetarians as well)... Detox dressing - ginger, garlic, honey, apple cider, olive oil, sunflower seeds, basil...

That's like a lot of effort placed into just the dressing, right?? All the dressings can be kept for a week 'til a week & a half maximum before a new batch needs to be made.

Variety of ingredients!

All their home-made dressings

SaladPlus.co's manager, Diana Moe (her brother is the owner, but she's the pro behind all these ideas), briefed us on their pre-planned salads menu as well as an order sheet to create your own choice of salad. All salads are served as a salad bowl or in a wrap (spinach-flavored wrap, toasted before serving) for those who prefer to have something more 'substantial'. Prices for both are the same, so it's a real winner, I dare say!

You get to choose what you want in your salad
Option A: 2 base ingredients + 5 standard ingredients = RM8.50
Option B: 2 base ingredients + 5 standard ingredients + 2 premium ingredients = RM11.00
Option C: 2 base ingredients + 5 standard ingredients + 2 premium ingredients + 1 protein = RM16.50

For those who do not fancy salads, but would still like to eat healthier dishes can go for their daily special sets, which consist of brown rice & steamed vegetables with a protein. All their meats are cooked without coconut milk (not so fattening & you won't get high cholesterol) & are cooked fresh each day.

This simple salad-focused stall sells a variety of drinks & desserts as well. They partner with Marigold to offer their patrons a good combo of salad/sandwiches/wraps/rice + a fruit/yogurt drink.

I've not seen some of the desserts + drinks at supermarkets

It seems like this salad-focused stall has tonnes to offer! They even serve piping hot soups with garlic bread! All their vegetable soups are non-dairy, so it's way lower in fat. Everyday, SaladPlus.co will serve 2 different types of soup from their 4 varieties i.e. Mushroom soup (at least 3 types of mushrooms), Potatoes + Leek Soup, Pumpkin Soup & Brocolli Soup. The vegetables are first roasted, then pureed before it goes to the stove to be made into the warm, hearty soup that you get to enjoy.

Ok, I think you kinda get a feel of what this humble yet exciting stall offers, so let's check out the actual taste-review of their salads, wraps, rice & soups!

Diana & her team preparing the dishes for our review

While waiting for the salads to be served, we enjoyed some of Marigold's juices & yogurt drinks first.

Main: Spinach Chicken Salad (RM17.50/serving) - salad 550 cal, wrap 760 cal
Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, apples, red cabbage, Parmesan cheese & croutons with yogurt Caesar dressing + pan-fried chicken breast.
This is a very filling salad since there's a mountain of vegetables + a pretty large piece of pan-fried chicken breast. The dressing is also very refreshing & not over-powering.

Main: High Energy Greek Delight (RM14.30/serving) - salad 400 cal, wrap 620 cal [vegetarian]
Grilled aubergines, romaine lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives & feta cheese with Greek dressing.
I especially love the grilled, spiced aubergines that came with this salad although it does feel somewhat strange when combined with the fresh vegetables. The aubergines were soft & nicely flavored. If you prefer a meat sort of protein, you can request for a swap. I think Diana did say that her customers can make such special requests without extra charges. You've gotta love Greek yogurt to love this kind of salad as Greek yogurt can be quite sour, in my opinion :D

Main: Thai Salad with Chicken in a Spinach Wrap (RM14.30/serving) - salad 540 cal, wrap 720 cal
Coriander, basil, spring onions, cherrt tomatoes, mixed peppers, carrots, chilies, nuts, & vermicelli with spicy Thai dressing.
I actually enjoyed this salad/wrap (you can opt to have it as a salad without the wrap if you want to reduce your calorie intake) the most - my favorite! The dressing had a good balance of spiciness, sweetness, saltiness & sourness - yums! This wrap was really filling as it has slices of chicken breasts + the full spinach wrap. Good golly, I was quite stuffed!

Main: Japanese Miso Salad Crabsticks & Tofu in a Spinach Wrap (RM14.30/serving) - salad 390 cal, wrap 600 cal
Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, spring onions, radishes, apples with Miso Honey dressing + Crabsticks & Tofu.
You can really taste the distinct Miso taste if you take time to enjoy this salad/wrap. A very Asian taste, familiar & comforting :)

Mains: Meatballs Hot Wrap (RM14.30/serving)
You can choose your dressing of choice to go with your meatballs wrap. We were served with the Balsamic, Orange & French dressings to see which we prefer. I actually liked the Orange dressing (really evident fresh orange taste!) & the French dressing, which probably has spring onions, judging by the color. I found the Balsamic slightly too sour for my liking (they use Greek yogurt & not mayo if you see any dressings that look 'creamy'), but I think it goes well with fresh greens. The meatballs hot wrap didn't feel very 'meatballs' to me as I think they used chicken meatballs instead of beef meatballs.

Mains: Chili Beef Hot Wrap (RM14.30/serving)
I found the ground beef too 'beefy', but I liked the taste of this wrap compared to the meatballs hot wrap. It's not very spicy, which is good, but compared to their salad wraps, I think I would go for the salad wraps instead of these hot wraps...hehe. It's just my personal opinion.

Main: Brown Rice with Steam Vegetables & Chicken Rendang - non-dairy (RM9.90/serving)
This was a really worth-eating rice set meal as you get to enjoy brown rice & healthy steamed vegetables with a side of favorite protein for less than RM10! One of the bloggers found the spices over-powering for the chicken rendang, but I felt that it was just right; packed enough to call it chicken rendang. Maybe I'm too used to having traditional Malay dishes *lol*

Non-Dairy Broccoli Soup with Garlic Bread (RM8.40/large serving; RM5.20/small serving)
We were all expecting the broccoli soup to be green but we forgot that when broccoli gets cooked longer, it'll turn brown...haha. The soup was really hearty, with bits of pureed broccoli in every mouthful. The 2 pieces of garlic bread were also crunchy & aromatic, accompanying the soup well.

Non-Dairy Pumpkin Soup with Garlic Bread (RM8.40/large serving; RM5.20/small serving)
Packed with pumpkins & a tinge of coriander taste + some herbs & spices, those who fancy pumpkins would enjoy this naturally sweet soup that's loaded with vitamins. The pumpkins were roasted before pureed & made into soup. Great, nutritional soup that could be eaten as a meal.

Dessert: Hot Peanut Butter, Jam, Banana Wrap (RM7.30/serving)
If you think that healthy salads & wraps are only as main meals, SaladPlus.co has a couple of sweet wraps/desserts to keep the sweet tooth in your satisfied. Fancy a peanut butter jelly banana wrap? Those who love bananas will love this wrap. Some bloggers found this wrap slightly strange as it contains the entire banana!

Dessert: Healthy Banana Split (RM7.30/serving) - 335 cal
Woohoo! Calling all granola fans! I actually enjoyed this although I still find SaladPlus.co's Greek yogurt slightly too sour for liking. Those that I had in Australia tastes different somehow :P Nevertheless, the yogurt with crisps of fresh fruits & crunchy nuts were a good combination of dessert. You can even eat this for breakfast!

Dessert: Special Yogurt Desserts (RM5.20/serving)
This is similar to the healthy banana split but without fresh fruits. It's nuts at the top & fruit puree at the bottom with a whole load of Greek yogurt in between the crunchy & the smooth. I don't fancy this - much prefer the healthy banana split!

SaladPlus.co serves coffee as well. Their coffee beans are roasted elsewhere & they grind the beans at the stall itself. I didn't try their coffee, but it was very aromatic :)

Premium Latte (RM6.90/cup)

Premium Black Coffee (RM5.30/cup)

Do give it a try, especially if you're working around KL Sentral area or transiting at KL Sentral. Their wraps are great grab-and-go meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner. If you love snacking, pack their healthy banana split or sweet wraps for your in-between meals snacks instead of snacking on unhealthy junk food.

Eat well from today & live well in the days ahead!

Stall No. 7, Level 3, Quizinn Foodcourt 
NU Sentral Mall
201, Jalan Tun Sambathan, Brickfields
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+012) 292 9707
FB: https://www.facebook.com/SaladPlus.Co

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * *
Service: * * * 1/2


Time to make a change of lifestyle,


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