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Event: Official Launch of QashGift

>> Monday, December 7, 2015

Gift-giving is certainly a common practice all around the world. With the advancement of technology, gift-giving has progressed from purchasing of gifts from departmental stores & shops to online shopping. One of the latest innovations in the market is QashGift.

"QashGift brilliantly combines the flexibility of cash and the thoughtfulness of a specially hand-picked gift with a few easy clicks on your mobile or computer. Brought to you by accomplished boutique web design and development outfit, Kemuncak Jaya Teknologi, QashGift is a unique digital solution that transforms the act of gift-buying into a wonderful shopping experience for everyone. With QashGift, gift buyers no longer find the process of selecting an appropriate gift a daunting one. In fact, they can rest assured that their recipients end up with the exact gift they desire. Naturally so, because their recipients pick out their own gift using their received QashGift account QR code! Meanwhile, recipients never have to receive another redundant gift that just sits in the closet, unused, again."

Here's how QashGift works:
1. Gift buyers sends a gift to anyone with just their email address and mobile number.
2. The gift will be directed to the recipient's QashGift account. If they do not have a QashGift account, they can create one instantly for free.
3. The recipients heads to a merchant’s store and provide their QashGift QR code.
4. The cashier scans the QashGift QR Code and will prompt the recipient to input the 6 digit verification pin received.
5. Upon approval, gift recipient will key in the amount of redemption and they will receive a digital receipt confirming their redemption upon approval.
6. Gift recipient selects gift desired from the merchant.

Among the participating merchants are EHSAN Living Style, Gloria Jeans, Circle K, Airwheel Malaysia, Garden of Eden Organic Skincare, My Eye Optometry, Raqtive, & OriginalOmin. There will be more participating merchants joining the bandwagon as well.

Gift-Giver Step 1: Log in to QashGift account.
** Register with your mobile number and email address / Log in via your Facebook account.

Gift-Giver Step 2: Select a Merchant, then select an amount of your gift (lowest value, RM20.00).

Gift-Giver Step 3: Select a Recipient.

Gift-Giver Step 4: Record your personalized voice greeting or type your message, then make your payment. 

A confirmation message will be displayed, "Thank you for your purchase.You have just sent a gift! Share the good news of QashGift to your friends."

Gift-Giver Step 5: Check the summary of your purchases. 

Recipient Step 1: Log in to QashGift account
** Register with your mobile number and email address / Log in via your Facebook account

Recipient Step 2: Check the gift in your account.

Recipient Step 3: Click on the QR button to retrieve your QR code, scan the QR code at the retail outlet to redeem the gift. 

"QashGift also allows merchants to be a part of an increasingly high-tech digital world at a minimal cost, while providing a new and trendy way to expand their customer base, increase revenue, enhance brand recognition and engage customers all at once. Retailers who are interested to provide QashGift facility for their customers can sign-up their business account at the QashGift website at www.qashgift.com or call the hotline number at 03-2035 5858."

QashGift is currently available in both desktop & mobile versions. Android and iOS users can look forward to utilizing the QashGift app from December 15, 2015 onwards.

Here are some snapshots taken at the launch:

QashGift had a booth at the SME Show 2015 event, last weekend

The SME Show 2015 event in Mid Valley Exhibition Center

Itinerary for the launch
The launch was somewhat messy, I feel. Better coordination & event planning could have taken place. Yes, the booth space isn't very comfortable to fit everyone, but I reckon with better placement of counters, chairs & equipment + a more systematic process of how things should flow, people won't need to trample on each other & jostle in the crowd just to snap some photos of the event or listen to the speeches & introduction (there wasn't any portable microphone). Refreshments didn't come in plural form as stated in the program, but only Gloria Jeans coffee was served (at least from what I noticed before I left the event after everything was over).

Welcoming introduction by celebrity emcee, Nadia Heng

Speech by Mr. Samir Younes, Business Development Director of Kemuncak Jaya Teknologi

Lucky draw session, Mr. Anuar Halim (Director of Kemuncak Jaya Teknologi)

My blogger friend, Pooi Yee, won herself a 2 days 1 night stay in a Deluxe Room at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar! Congrats, Pooi Yee!!

All lucky draw winners

What's in our goodie bag
The items in the goodie bag were much appreciated, but to receive the goodie bag itself felt like having to beg to be attended to as not all the organizing committee/staffs were well-trained to attend to the media's needs. I think my most unpleasant experience I had was during the gift redemption, where there wasn't a proper queue to get the gifts; people were rudely cutting queue & pushing me out of the queue & even when I was at the counter itself, there was a lack of staff to handle the gift redemption (when there were quite a number of staff standing around the booth). I've never felt so annoyed for a very long time. These were supposedly "highly educated" people from the media? Good manners certainly wasn't part of the education, I assume...hmm...

Some FAQs that you may be interested to know about QashGift:
1. Is QashGift something like a cash voucher, but online?
Yes, you're spot on!

2. Does the QashGift have any expiry date?
Yup, it's valid a month from the date you receive the QashGift.

3. If the gift-recipient receives RM20 worth of QashGift from say Gloria Jeans Coffee, does it mean that he/she can just select a gift within that amount only?
The gift-recipient can utilize the RM20 worth in a single transaction. Any additional cost will be borne by the gift-recipient & any unused amount from the QashGift will be forfeited.

'Tis the season of giving,


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