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Travel: Trip to Bangkok, 21-24 Oct (Day 4)

>> Monday, November 9, 2015

We didn't do that much on our final day in Bangkok. All we wanted to do was to relax & chill, enjoying our last moments of vacation. We did some last minute shopping around our hotel area, ate a decent breakfast, enjoyed a good lunch & said goodbye to our new-found friend, Alex.

The mad crowd at the Baiyoke Shopping area/Pratunam market

Breakfast near Baiyoke - there was a food street, which is hidden behind buildings!

Thai laksa noodles with pork (THB50)
It's not fantastic, but quite tasty. It's quite sweet though, which is very different from the laksa that we have here in PJ.

Thai laksa noodles with beef (THB50)

After having street food for the past few days, AP & I just wanted to have something different, so we ended up having Subway for lunch! It was one of the best decisions there :D

Sub of the day - Saturday: BLT (THB730, I think)
PORK BACON with cheese! SO good! No regrets!

We left Bangkok with mixed feelings; glad that we can finally head home to our comfort zone, yet heavy hearted that our vacation is over.

With our friend, Alex, in front of the massage centre where he manages

Our final dessert at the airport: Thob tim krob

I look forward to our next vacation...where next? *puts on thinking cap*



Henry Lee November 10, 2015 at 1:12 AM  

My next thailand destination is bangkok... never been there yet. Must try their pork bacon sub! Haha... saw it at chiangmai but my friends not up for subway, rather go for their local food

PerutBesi November 13, 2015 at 3:56 PM  

@Henry Lee: I liked it, not sure if you would :P It was my 1st time in BKK as well. The weather's a killer! But yeah, everything, everywhere is filled with pork! So go on full speed for porkilicious stuff! :P

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