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Review: Gossip Time 吹水時間 Restaurant, Taman Paramount (Part 2 - Steamboat)

>> Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Overall comment: Flavorful pork bone broth (both spicy & non-spicy) & I thought the portion was pretty generous for 2 persons. Most importantly, the meats were fresh.
Halal: No

I don't remember Taman Paramount/Sea Park area having any steamboat restaurants that are still in business. Being one of the very few players (if not the only player) in the steamboat arena in this area, Gossip Time truly stands a chance to prove itself & be THE restaurant to go to for a good steamboat meal.

Photos below show portion for 2 pax

For RM24.90/person (minimum 2 persons to enjoy a steamboat meal), you can opt for pork bone soup, special spicy soup or a mixture of both/half-and-half.

Each set comes with a mixture of seafood, meat slices (chicken, pork & fish), noodles (meehoon, yellow noodles or yee mee), beancurd, mushrooms, eggs, an assortment of fish/meat balls, & vegetables.

Additional vegetables are free of charge, but for the rest of the items, additional portions cost RM1.50 - RM25.00.

We loved the soup base as it is 'sweet' from the pork bones & doesn't even need any additional ingredients to give it a richer flavor. Having said that, the soup was really delicious once all the steamboat ingredients were added into the pot to be cooked *yums* This is what you get when the soup has been boiled for over 10 hours.

I actually liked the special spicy soup although it's quite spicy. To me, it has more "kick". It's not alike the Sichuan-style "ma lat" spiciness, but quite similar. The chili mix is cooked in-house by chef Heow & his kitchen team, so you can't get the exact same taste anywhere else. If you like a 'lil "kick" but can't take the spiciness, just go ahead to mix both the soup...haha...

One of the pork balls that I really enjoyed was the "exploding meat ball", which has minced meat inside the pork ball! You can add 6 more of these exploding meat balls for RM8.00.

I think during this rainy season, having some steamboat meal is just perfect. You can enjoy it from lunch hour all through the day, so sit back & enjoy a good meal at this homey restaurant ;)

Gossip Time 吹水時間 Restaurant
5, Jalan 20/14 Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+603) 7872 9030/ (+6012) 503 8600 - Mr Kavin Heow
Business hours: 10:00a.m. - 10:00p.m. daily
FB: Gossip Time Restaurant

Spicy, pork bone soup *yums*


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