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Review: Gossip Time 吹水時間 Restaurant, Taman Paramount (Part 1) - CLOSED

>> Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Overall comment: Delicious prawn wantan mee & aromatic special curry chicken (with rice)! If you're a fan of spicy noodles, you won't want to miss out their "Spicy Noodle King" - TOO spicy for me! :D
Halal: No

Recently, many cafes & restaurants have been mushrooming in the well-established area of Taman Paramount. Having lived there during the earlier days of my life (and still popping by that area every now & then since our family house is still there), I somewhat know the demographics of the area & how it's slowly evolving in time.

Gossip Time is one of the newest restaurants in this area, opened only 3 months ago. For those who are familiar with Gossip Corner restaurant in Cameron Highlands (Tanah Rata), Gossip Time is the branch, right here in Petaling Jaya :)

Managed by the owner, Mr Kavin Heow, this simple yet homey restaurant offers an extensive variety of local Chinese rice dishes & noodles. They're also introducing steamboat into the menu, which I will elaborate in Part 2 of my blog post.

Located in the well-known housing area of Taman Paramount, Gossip Time offers set lunches on weekday (11:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.) for those who are working & staying nearby at very reasonable prices (from RM9.90 - RM13.90/set) & ala carte meals during the rest of the day. The set lunches come with a bowl of 'soup of the day', a glass of herbal drink & a piece of fruit.

The dishes that I really want to highlight are their prawn wantan mee & the special curry chicken rice. These were 2 dishes that I felt were delicious & worth recommending above the rest :P

Gossip Prawn Wantan Mee - dry (RM8.90/small, RM9.90/large)
Gossip Time's wantan noodles are hand-made by Mr Heow's 70+ year old sifu. It's made fresh upon order & doesn't contain any boric acid, so it needs to be consumed fresh & can't be kept for more than 2 days. What we love about the noodles is the springy texture without the taste of boric acid & the simple minced pork taste that makes this dish very homey. You'll find the fragrance of sesame seed oil in this dry version as well.

The next thing that you'll notice in this noodles dish are the 3 gigantic wantan dumplings! Very tasty as it has 'jor hao yue' & it's served in a bowl of rich pork bone soup (boiled for minimum 10 hours). If you're a wantan dumpling fan, you won't want to miss this. It was a tad too salty for me, but some of them found the dumplings perfect.

Gossip Prawn Wantan Mee - soup (RM8.90/small, RM9.90/large)
You may wonder why no char siew. Due to health concerns when barbecuing char siew (and inhaling the fumes from the bbq process), Mr Heow isn't able to continue making his own char siew for the noodles. It's quite unfortunate, but his minced pork & pork bone soup, accompanied by the delicious wantan dumplings & springy hand-made noodles make up for the lack of char siew :) Thumbs up!

Curry Chicken Wantan Mee - soup (RM8.90/small, RM9.90/large)
Curry fans will love this...thick, fragrant curry soup with the same wantan noodles! You can opt for the soup or dry version. The curry doesn't have coconut milk, but uses fresh milk & has the aromatic lemongrass & curry leaves that's so evident *slurp*

Spicy Noodle King - dry (RM9.90/small, RM10.90/large)
Try this only if you can take really spicy food! We have spicy/chili pan mee, this is spicy/chili wantan mee! The chili mix contains 7 different ingredients, 2 of which are dried shrimps & spring onions & stir-fried to perfection. I found this noodles too spicy for my consumption...hahaha...my mouth was on fire after a few bites!

Bloggers in action...fuh! All for the best angle :P

Special Curry Chicken Rice (RM8.90/serving)
This was the special curry chicken rice that I would recommend. Each bowl of curry chicken comes with 3 pieces of chicken + 3 piece of potatoes, in a bowl of thick, moderately spicy, aromatic curry gravy. I'm not very much a rice person, so I thought this would go really well with bread instead of rice...haha...but give me 'nasi lemak' for the combo that I love :D

Special Satay Sauce Chicken Chop Rice (RM14.50/serving)
Ahah. This is SO Malaysian. I would never have thought of satay sauce on a piece of chicken chop. It may not look very appealing, but the combination is actually quite satisfying. The piece of whole chicken leg is pan-fried before getting covered with Gossip Time's home-made special satay sauce.

Mushroom Chicken Rice (RM8.90/serving)
This reminded me of my mum's home-cooked Nyonya-style ponteh chicken. The chicken & mushrooms are braised for 40 minutes before serving, while the potatoes are deep-fried first before adding into the pot of chicken to be braised together. It's certainly not lacking in flavor :) If you're craving for some home-cooked goodness, you can trust Gossip Time to satisfy your cravings.

Last but not least, during this review, we were introduced to Gossip Time's 'burger king'. This idea of a large-sized burger started from the Cameron Highlands outlet of Gossip Corner. As Cameron Highlands do not have any fast food restaurants apart from Mary Brown, Mr Heow came up with the idea of serving burgers at his restaurant up in Camerons. To make it different & special, the burger is served as a large size, where you can't get it anywhere else up on the highlands. This same burger is also served at Gossip Time in PJ, with the only difference of meat selection; Cameron Highlands' Gossip Corner is pork-free, whereas this PJ branch serves both chicken & pork burger!

Gossip Pork/Chicken Burger King (RM24.90/serving)
It's not just large, but tall i.e. 3/4 the height of the chili sauce bottle! I didn't find this burger very appealing to me since it's a piece of pan-fried chicken or pork amidst all the vegetables, cheese & mayonnaise, but the novelty of having such a large burger is quite a thrill. As the burger is so huge, more often than not, people will just eat them layer by layer.

There's also a bowl of curry for those who usually eat everything except the bun as there's nothing else to go with the bun. Very smart, Mr Heow! The curry is yummy, so you won't allow the bun to go to waste...wipe up every single drop of the curry!
*the burger in comparison to my hand...hmm..2.5x the size?

If you're a burger fan & you can really eat a lot + eat fast, here's a challenge for you! Finish the burger in less than 5 minutes & 21 seconds & you can walk away with a full stomach & without the need to pay for your burger :P

Wall of fame...haha...so many people posing with the burger king...

Chicken Wings (RM8.90/serving of 4 pieces)
Oh yes, how can I forget this snack. These chicken wings were crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The moisture is locked within the golden brown, well-marinated skin of the chicken wings. Tasty snack!

After looking through the mouth-watering noodles & rice dishes, you may wonder if the drinks here are equally good. Frankly speaking, they are, especially the unique fresh juices with yakult/Vitagen & we actually enjoyed their premium Ipoh white coffee.

Orange Yakult (RM5.90/cold serving) & Ice Ribena with Longan (RM6.90/cold serving)
I thought the fresh juice + some cultured milk is a great drink for digestion & health. You don't just get the goodness from the fresh fruit juice, but the active good bacteria from the cultured milk.
On a hot day, I think the ice ribena with longan is refreshing as well, although I found it somewhat too sweet.

Green Apple Yakult (RM5.90/cold serving)

Premium Ipoh White Coffee (RM4.90/hot or cold serving)
It's not from those 3 in 1 packets. I'm not very much a coffee drinker, but I thought this was quite good. Coffee lovers out there, if you try this, let me know your thoughts ya...

I love the classic look of white coffee in such tea cup + saucer :)

Honey Lemon (RM4.90/hot or cold serving)

Lime Juice - with sour plum (RM3.90/cold serving)

Residents of Paramount Garden, you now have 1 more option for brunch, lunch & dinner! Those working/staying nearby, do give this place a try & let me know your thoughts. Mr Heow is very friendly & open to feedback so that he can improve. Being a chef himself, he takes pride in serving only the best food & drinks to his customers, so you can let him know your feedback to keep him encouraged & improving each time :D

Look out for Part 2 of my blog post on their steamboat!

Gossip Time 吹水時間 Restaurant
5, Jalan 20/14 Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+603) 7872 9030/ (+6012) 503 8600 - Mr Kavin Heow
Business hours: 10:00a.m. - 10:00p.m. daily
FB: Gossip Time Restaurant

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


Looking forward to taste the gigantic wantan again,


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