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Review: Duku Langsat Seafood Bistro, Kuantan

>> Thursday, October 29, 2015

Overall comment: Very fresh & delicious crabs + smooth fried porridge (yes, if you haven't tried such a thing, you can try it here!). I think all their dishes have 'wok hei' & tastes delicious. Best part, it's pork-free & you actually see people from all races & backgrounds coming over to enjoy a meal together! I love such sight of multi-racial communities coming together for good food :)
Halal: Pork-free

This is my 1st ever invited review in Kuantan *jumps with joy* Fingers crossed, more to come! I've to thank Joeslin from Leong's Kitchenette in USJ 21 for arranging these review sessions for me (yes, it's a plural!). This restaurant is owned & managed by her dad, who passed down some of his recipes & skills to Joeslin & her husband. If you enjoyed your meals at Leong's Kitchenette, make sure you pop-by their sifu's (master's) restaurant when you visit Kuantan!

The name Duku Langsat wouldn't have occurred to me that:
1. it's a restaurant
2. it's a CHINESE restaurant
3. it's a CHINESE SEAFOOD restaurant!

Why Duku Langsat, you may wonder. I asked the same question to Mr Choong Siew Wai, the owner & head chef of this humble restaurant that's been in business for 11 years & counting & his answer really tickled me, "Duku Langsat nice ma...easy to say, easy to remember...not specific to any race...this is an 'international' seafood restaurant that welcomes people from all races!" Thumbs up, chef! Full on to cater to all races! Me likey!

Oh, the craziest part about this restaurant is that they're opened for business from 5pm - 5am the next morning!! They cater a lot to nearby pub goers & late nighters... *say whattttt....*

Spacious restaurant that could cater to large groups

Anyway, let me introduce you to some of their well-known dishes:

Mackerel Fried Porridge (RM15.00/RM28.00/RM40.00/RM50.00/RM60.00)
Joeslin insisted that her dad's original 'bubur goreng ikan tenggiri' is more delicious compared to hers, but I think she has mastered the family's recipe well! This porridge has the sweetness from the fish & is generously loaded with pieces of deboned mackerel. It's very homey, fragrant & smooth. If you want something simple for dinner or even a super early breakfast, go for their fried porridge. They have more than 10 other flavours as well if you're not a fan of fried fish!

Spicy Milk Mud Crabs (market price)
Firstly, the crabs were really fresh, meaty & the flesh is 'springy'/firm! Secondly the gravy is not creamy & cloying, but aromatic with the curry leaves & spices. Thirdly, the mini mantao buns do the magic in cleaning up the entire claypot (and the soup bowl of extra gravy as well)! I don't need to elaborate further, do I?

AP's mum was SUPERBLY happy as she loves crabs & said "It feels like today is my birthday! Oh...my birthday is next month as well! *hint hint*"
* taken with phone camera :( *

Sweet, Sour, Spicy Mud Crabs (market price)
This was a tad too sweet for my liking. I prefer it to be slightly more sourish, but it's tasty nevertheless :) AP's dad said it could do with even more garlic! Hahahaha...oh my my...

Large claws...yums...

Oh so yummy...I would want to try their steamed & salt-baked crabs next!

Spicy Milk Squid (RM20.00/serving)
AP & I had this on our 1st review (I attended the 2nd review the following day with his parents only) & we loved it to the max. The squid is actually batter-coated & deep-fried 'til golden brown before getting stir-fried with the spicy milk gravy. It's alike the crabs above, which we had at the 2nd review, but just with squid. The portion was generous & the pieces of squid weren't over-cooked: soft yet still chewy & perfectly coated with gravy on each piece.

This small portion is actually enough for 3-4 persons if you order other dishes as well

Deep-Fried Fish Thai-Style (market price)
One of the best Thai-style deep-fried fish that we've ever had at any restaurants...it's unlike the usual Thai-style that's just sweet & spicy. This one is aromatic as well! The fish is absolutely crispy & can be eaten on its own without the need of rice. Thumbs up! AP's parents & I finished up the whole fish without hesitation, even the head + fins + bones!

Thousand Island Chicken (RM10.00/small serving)
 AP & I didn't order this but Mr Choong served it to us as part of the review. I have to say that it's lip-smacking! Sweetish, creamy, savory & the chicken pieces were well-marinated & even the breast meat was moist! Loved the touch of the red onions although I'm not a fan of onions. It gave this simple dish a different touch that's very pleasing.

Fried Sambal Petai Rice (RM9.00/serving)
Oh, I haven't had petai fried rice for a really long time & when I saw it on the menu, I had to order it. AP & I enjoyed this tremendously, not just because there was generous serving of fresh petai, but the anchovies/ikan bilis were CRISPY! The sambal wasn't too spicy, but has enough heat to give the fried rice some "kick"/"umph" :D 

Deep-Fried Kailan (RM8.00/small serving)
Unlike the usual deep-fried kailan that you find at certain restaurants that serve this dish, Duku Langsat's version has added crispy ikan bilis & I think it has crispy baby shrimps as well! It has a sweetish & savory crunch & crisp that makes this dish go extremely well with the porridge & even plain rice...haha. I won't see this as a vegetable dish as it tastes more like a 'snack'! Oh, it's not dripping in oil too...noms.

Stir-Fried Kailan (RM8.00/small serving)
 We had the deep-fried version on day 1 & we had this with the crabs & fish on day 2. This stir-fried kailan is nothing to shout about nor anything to complain. It's not over-cooked, it's fresh & it's well seasoned, & that's all that matters to me.

Surprised that I'm so excited with this restaurant in Kuantan? You have to try it for yourself if you haven't. For starters, go for the crabs/seafood/deep-fried fish...no regrets!

Duku Langsat Seafood Bistro
A-9905, Jalan Haji Ahmad
25300, Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: (+6016) 923 2727, Mr Choong Siew Wai
Business hours: 5:00p.m. - 5:00a.m. Tuesdays - Sundays; closed on Mondays (they do open on some Mondays & close on some Tuesdays, so do call before you go)

Presentation: * * * 1/2
Price: * * *  1/2
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * * *
Service: * * * 1/2


I love lip-smacking seafood,


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