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Review: Squid Ink Tempura, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

>> Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Halal: Pork free

Introducing the dark side of tempura: squid ink tempura (Chinese:墨魚汁甜不辣)! If you're a fan of squid ink products or you're just curious on how the squid ink tempura tastes like, pop by any outlets of the well-known Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks to satisfy your curiosity. This unique product is only available for a limited period of time in Malaysia & Singapore, from 22nd May 2015 'til the stock runs out.

I tried my 1st squid ink tempura at the 1 Utama (New Wing) outlet. As it's something still relatively new since its launch mid May this year, all customers actually get their tempura freshly fried upon ordering :)

Quoting from the official press release by Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks: "Squid ink has been proven to be rich in iron and antioxidants, and scientists believe that these antioxidants have strong preventive lipid oxidation abilities – a benefit which is in turn possibly linked to a lower risk of heart disease in humans. With such positive findings, the health-conscious can now look beyond their daily greens and opt for black instead. Black is indeed, the new green!"

The freshly deep-fried tempura sticks will be sprinkled with a pinch of fairy dust parsley for added flavor and given a good shake before savoring. The texture is similar to the local "keropok lekor", where it's chewy, savory & has a slightly sweet after-taste alike the squid balls sold at supermarkets.

In conjunction with the launch of the Squid Ink Tempura, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks is pleased to announce an exclusive “#HeiHeiHey~” promotion beginning 22nd May 2015. Customers who shout “HeiHeiHey~” or "黒黒嘿~" along with any words of their choice (such as “HeiHeiHey~ I want you!”) when ordering the Squid Ink Tempura will be entitled to an immediate discount off their purchase. Customers are also encouraged to post pictures of themselves with their purchases using the official hashtag – #HeiHeiHey.

If you've not tried any squid ink products or this squid ink tempura, "HeiHeiHey ~ Don't miss out this opportunity!"

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
URL: www.ShihlinSnacks.com.tw
URL MY: http://www.shihlinsnacks.com.tw/my/index-my.htm
FB: fb.com/ShihlinSnacks

Black is the new green!


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