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Review: Warisan Tradisi Kampung Ramadan Buffet, Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya

>> Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Venue: Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya
Halal: Yes

Traditional, heritage dishes are far from the lack of fresh ingredients, aromatic spices & herbs of all sorts. Here at Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya, I can dare say that what I've taste-tested for that evening was really something not to be missed (seriously!).

I may not be an expert when it comes to Malay/traditional dishes, but I'm very sensitive & particular (sight, smell, taste) with anything that has spices, herbs & aromatic ingredients. I love curries, bold-tasting dishes & dishes with intense flavors, so I was really keen to find out how different the dishes at Utara Coffee House will be from the other hotels & restaurants that are offering Ramadan buffets as well.

Themed "Warisan Tradisi Kampung" (meaning traditional heritage village-style), the team of chefs, led by Executive Chef Chew Teik Chye together with their 'main' chef for this Ramadan buffet, Chef Aifah, whom we call "Mami/Mummy" (as she is fondly known to all), prepared a true 'from the bottom of their hearts' break-fast buffet for the guests to enjoy during the fasting month. With more than 100 dishes available at the buffet spread, the team of chefs promise to showcase a wide selection of dishes that emphasize on variety of flavors & scents that will titillate your palate after a long day of fasting :D

The early bird gets the first (and best) worm! From 16 - 21 June 2015, you can enjoy the early-Ramadan buffet at a special price of RM72.00++ per adult/RM36.00++ per child, after which, from 22 June - 16 July, the Warisan Tradisi Kampung Buffet Dinner will be available at RM88.00++ per adult/RM44.00++ per child. So make sure you head there during week 1 of Ramadan if you are keen to savor the authentic traditional dishes for a lower price, yea? :P

Here are some highlights of the buffet (sequence according to my personal fav!):

#1. Ayam Buah Keluak
One of the best tasting dishes available in this buffet spread! This dish was rich in flavor thanks to the classic buah keluak, commonly used in Peranakan dishes & bursting in aromatic taste of herbs & spices. Even without coconut milk nor evaporated milk, the chicken dish was creamy *yums* To ensure that this rich-tasting dish doesn't give you that cloying/'jelak' feel, the chef has added some vinegar into the dish to balance up the richness :)

#2. Daging Pekasam Gulai Kesum
Daun Kesum/Vietnamese Mint is commonly found in laksa. It has a lovely lemony, tangy, spice-y fragrance that just blended perfectly into this beef dish. In this dish filled with much love, you'll be enjoying the goodness of belacan, galangal, coconut milk & even budu, a type of fermented fish that is commonly found in the East Coast of Malaysia, especially in Kelantan. Although most of the 'elements' incorporated into this dish sounds really pungent-smelling/tasting, you'll be surprised how the flavors perfectly blend with each other. I could just finish up a bowl of this delicious beef dish with a bowl of pearly fragrant white rice *bliss*

#3. Rendang Itik Serati
It's my 1st time having duck rendang & if I wasn't informed that it's duck, I wouldn't have realized it! There wasn't any gamey duck smell because the ducks were slightly marinated with lime juice, a technique to remove the smell :D I think it's best eaten with lemang or even white rice!

#4. Nasi Ulam Desa
Certainly not stingy with the fresh herbs & vegetables, this nasi ulam desa is so flavorful that you can 'eat it on its own'! I'm truly reminded of my uni days at Kuantan, where I feasted on quite a lot of nasi kerabu, which is alike this nasi ulam, except that nasi kerabu's rice is dyed blue.

#5. Otak-Otak Muar
Unlike the usual grilled/barbecued otak-otak that you usually get at Ramadan buffets, the Otak-Otak Muar at Utara Coffee House is steamed to perfection with a spoonful of creamy, fragrant coconut milk as part of the slightly spicy Tenggiri fish mix. Packed with fresh ingredients like onions, daun kadok/wild pepper leaves (common ingredient in otak-otak), daun kunyit/turmeric leaves & lemongrass among the many other 'secret' ingredients, this is something to try at the buffet spread.

#6. Gulai Ayam Portugis
It's also my 1st time tasting such Portuguese chicken dish at a Ramadan buffet. The dish has mustard seeds, asam Jawa/tamarind, vinegar & coconut milk, so you can somewhat imagine how tangy yet creamy this classic dish would be ;) You have to try it for yourself!

#7. Sup Tulang Rawan Utara
Found at most Ramadan buffet spreads is the Sup Tulang/Beef Ribs or Sup Ekor/Oxtail, but here at the Utara Coffee House, you'll find a large pot of spiced soup with tender beef cartilage - really yummy!

#8. Gulai Kawah Tulang Rawan
If you're not a fan of soup, how about some beef cartilage curry? Every dish tastes different, but all were so good...I really had a hard time enjoying everything all at once!

#9. Acar Ikan Bawal
Crunchy, sourish, slightly spicy & sweetish cucumbers & carrots on deep-fried black pomfret. I thought this was really unique, considering the fact that not many restaurants would serve such a style of fish dish :)

Dessert: Carrot Cake

Dessert: Suji Cake with Date

What a feast!

My 1st plate of Nasi Briyani (yes they have seafood briyani too!) + Nasi Ulam + Rendang Itik Seranti

Photo with Chef Aifah, the lady chef behind all the Portuguese-inspired & Ramadan dishes
When she smiles, she looks really sweet, but aiya...she looks so serious here...

Ah, I love, love, love curries & dishes with bold flavors! If you're like me, you won't want to miss out this year's Ramadan buffet at the Utara Coffee House.

Note: From 19th June - 15th July, a live performance by Kumpulan Mayang Sari will also add to the already atmospheric occasion by entertaining diners with their traditional renditions.

See you there!

For reservation and enquiries, please contact:
Utara Coffee House
Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: (+603) 7954 6888, ext 4557
FB: http://www.facebook.com/HotelArmadaPJ
URL: http://www.armada.com.my/

Much love,


Henry Lee June 2, 2015 at 8:48 AM  

Seems like it's the time of the year again, pretty good variety it seems! :) I have stopped going for buffet review... cannot tahan the huge amount of calories intake! Hahaha :D

PerutBesi June 3, 2015 at 1:51 PM  

@Henry Lee: You'll be surprised that this one is actually good! I've eaten some others & I wasn't WOWed by it. Armada's flavors stand out among the rest!

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