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Review: 9Bowls Thai Boat Noodles, Publika Shopping Gallery

>> Friday, June 26, 2015

Overall comment: Delicious, flavorful & satisfying :D I guess having pork as part of the soup base helps elevate the flavors to the next level.
Halal: No

Thai boat noodles aren't foreign to Malaysians. I remember the time when the craze just started; everyone just wanted to have Thai boat noodles & every other person raves about how many bowls of noodles they can eat to satisfy their cravings!

My 1st Thai boat noodles was actually in Cyberjaya. I didn't believe in having numerous tiny portions of noodles, so I didn't bother trying boat noodles since its existence in Malaysia! *hahaha...seriously!* After some coaxing & recommendations by my colleague, I had my 1st Thai boat noodles, which I felt was "okay". Portions were way too small & I could enjoy a bowl of noodles (normal size) for RM6.00, which even 3 bowls of boat noodles (usually RM1.90/bowl) won't equate to half a normal bowl of noodles. *yes, I know I'm really 'calculative'*

Interestingly, Nine Bowls at Publika was a pleasant surprise. Portion isn't as small as the boat noodles I had at Cyberjaya & the soups were "oh-so-flavorful"!

Apart from small boat noodles, they have Thai BBQ & Steamboat as well :)

Condiments to go with your noodles
I didn't add these at all as I felt the soup was tasty enough on its own.

Let me share with you what I've tried that evening:

Thai Ice Tea/Lemonade (RM5.00/bottle)
They only had a minimal selection of drinks, so we had the usual Thai ice tea & a lemonade. No complaints.

Pork Boat Noodles in Clear Soup (RM1.90/serving - small)
I love this the most. It has a well-balanced taste of pork bone broth, perfectly salted/seasoned with a tinge of sweetness. The crunchy beansprouts & veggies gave a whiff of freshness to the comforting bowl of noodles.

Pork Boat Noodles in Clear Tom Yam Soup (RM1.90/serving - small)
My friend prefer this to the clear soup. Slightly spicy, slightly sourish - very appetizing. I think the base of the soup is the same...

Beef Boat Noodles (RM1.90/serving - small)
If you're not a fan of pork, they have beef noodles as well, which was equally flavorful! The beef broth is intense enough to give it an "umph!" factor for a simple bowl of noodles. Yums.

Kway Chap in Pepper Pork Soup (RM6.00/serving - medium)
It's slightly too salty, but it's really delicious. I love pepper pork soup with salted vegetables. In fact, my mum, sis & I used to order pepper pork soup with rice at least once a week when we stayed at our old house! 9Bowls just needed to soak/wash their salted vegetable to reduce the saltiness & this dish will be a winner!

Value Meal (RM9.80/serving - large)
If you're not too keen to try different flavors, you can opt for the value meal, which is a large bowl of boat noodles, equivalent to 6 small bowls of boat noodles! It's RM1.60 cheaper than having the 6 small bowls...hahaha...Ah, pepper pork noodles...large bowl...noms!

Crispy Pork Skin (RM2.00/serving)
Who doesn't like crispy pork skin? I like the crispiness of this pork skin, but I found this slightly too thick & hard. If I had dentures, I can bid goodbye to them...ahahahaha...

Grilled Pork Neck/"Ko Mu Yong" (RM6.00/serving)
Thumbs up! Lightly marinated, yet flavorful in every bite. Dipping the pork into the salty fish sauce with spicy chilli makes this side dish even more enjoyable. Oolala...

Although this is a Thai boat noodles restaurant, you can enjoy some Thai Mookata as well. A very simple selection of meats & vegetables for barbecuing & steamboat, but it compliments the boat noodles, which you may not want to indulge in really 9 bowls of pure noodles! :D

3 different types of sauces/dips

I love playing "chef"
My bbq bacon, pork slices & chicken slices were SO tasty: crispy on the outside, moist & tender on the inside! *hahaha...self praise*

Thai Coconut Jelly (RM6.80/coconut)
To conclude our tasting session, we tried their Thai coconut jelly, which was a good, sweet ending to the dining experience. It may seem to be a very simple, nothing special sort of coconut jelly, but if you love the sweet & fragrant Thai coconuts, you will not want to miss this.

Fans of Thai boat noodles, I would say this is one Thai boat noodles that you have to try!

9Bowls Thai Boat Noodles
D4-G3-2, Publika Shopping Gallery
Solaris Dutamas
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1
Mont Kiara
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 6211 3634
Note: Shop faces outside, not inside the shopping mall where B.I.G. is located.

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


This changed my perception of Thai boat noodles,


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