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Review: Ramadan Warisan Buffet, Palm Garden Hotel

>> Friday, May 22, 2015

Time really waits for no man! Ramadan is just a month away & many hotels have opened their bookings for the festive celebration. Palm Garden Hotel is quite 'new' in my radar. Being just 20 minutes away from my workplace in Cyberjaya, I decided to pop over for their review session & am pleasantly surprised with their extensive spread of local delights.

Themed Ramadan Warisan, the buffet spread features a range of heritage Malay dishes loved for generations. The buffet spread will be available from 18 June - 15 July 2015 at RM80.00 nett per adult/ RM40.00 nett per child (first week 18 - 24 June & last week 12 - 15 July) & RM95.00 nett per adult/ RM45.00 nett per child (25 June - 11 July).

For those who purchase the buffet vouchers by 31 May 2015 (or while stocks last), you'll get to save quite a bit as the price will be at RM70.00 nett per adult/ RM35.00 nett per child (for dining throughout the buffet spread period).

Spacious & comfortable dining area with loads of food surrounding the area

Let's find out what they offer in their buffet spread:

There's so many dishes available that I have to put into photo collage! Just check out the spread :D You'll find fresh appetizers, piping hot curries, sweet delicacies & even stalls with specialty items.

Salads, appetizers, side dishes & rice (nasi kukus/nasi kempuli) 

Chinese-Style Beef Stew, Kam-Heong Bamboo Clams, Ikan Sembilang Salai Masak Lemak, & Assam Pedas Squid with Lady's Fingers 

Asam Pedas Tulang Rawan (Beef Ribs), Thai Fish Cake, Kawah Kari Kepala Ikan (Fish Head) & Sup Ekor (Oxtail Soup)
I must say that their piping hot stews & soup are thumbs up! Some bloggers were having bowl after bowl of the curry fish head & the Thai fish cake, although really spicy for me, was very fragrant & delicious :)

My 1st plate...hehe...a little bit of everything non-gravy first!

Fresh fruits (and really pretty carvings on fruits as well!), sweet cookies & fresh dates, variety of drinks, ice-cream & ice-kacang!
They have this unique drink of 'red dragon fruit' as well :)

Colorful jellies & sweet cakes!

The stalls area, which is actually quite a large area
Unfortunately, I can't really show you how wide the area is on my blog since panoramic photos don't show well here.. Haha. 

I love the satay, mamak & BBQ stalls best! 

They have really good roast lamb, satay & freshly made canais. All of which are dishes that I love! 

Oh, and they have a live traditional band playing as well ;)

If you're keen to have some good food during the breaking of fast, you've gotta hurry to get your dining vouchers before the vouchers get snapped up!

Palms Cafe
Palm Garden Hotel
IOI Resort City
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 03 - 8943 2233
URL: www.palmgarden.com.my
FB: Palm.Garden.Hotel.IOI.Resort

Looking forward to a reflective & 'recharging' season,


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