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Review: Moo Kata Thai BBQ & Steamboat

>> Thursday, April 2, 2015

Overall comment: Really worth the price paid! The variety is extensive & you get to eat all you can for just RM38.00 :D Great place to dine in groups.
Halal: No

This is a good deal for hungry diners who just want to eat everything bbq, grilled or cooked in soup (steamboat). For just RM38.00 (not sure if there will be GST...hehe), you'll get to enjoy more than 100 variety of meats, vegetables & cooked dishes 'til you're satisfied! Seriously, even I can't finish trying everything.

The layout & ambiance of this steamboat & bbq house is very simple. Located at the Kuchai Lama Food Court area, it's easily accessible from various highways & there's ample parking as well.

I would suggest that you don't come here alone, but with at least 1 more person so that you can enjoy different styles of cooking your meats. Each diner will get to select 1 type of stove i.e. the charcoal grill, charcoal hot pan or charcoal steamboat pot with pork bone soup.

Steamboat pot with rich, flavorful pork bone soup

Ingredients to go into the soup 

Our grill! They even have the "sa jui" fish :D
The meats are actually very well marinated, plus, they're fresh too!

You can even bbq your crabs on the grill!

Or stir-fry your mushrooms on the hot pan

I find this place a good venue for gathering of friends & family members. You get to enjoy some well-marinated meats, indulge in all the food you can take in & spend some decent time catching up with family & friends while waiting for your food to cook. For those who are hungry, you won't need to worry as there are cooked dishes at the buffet spread to keep your tummy feeling warm & fuzzy while you wait.

These go well in soup & even on the hot pan

You'll find chicken, beef, lamb, pork & even intestines for the grill

These go well on the hot pan 

Apart from the various types of meats, you'll find quite a variety of seafood as well. Just check out the types of shellfish offered at this place!

There's "yong tau foo" too 

All sorts of fish balls & seafood 

There are noodles, vegetables, beancurds & eggs as well

Here at Moo Kata Steamboat & BBQ House, you're spoilt for choice with their variety of homemade sauces. Being a "Thai-inspired" eatery, you'll find loads of spicy chili dips, ranging from mild to extremely spicy!

Types of sauces 

Last but not least, they also have some fruits & dessert, of which their Durian Float is worthy to have its own introduction! This cold, crumbly, sweet & fragrant D24 frozen durian treat is specially prepared by the owner's wife. In my opinion, it's best to leave it defrosting a while before biting into the pastry-like treat.

They have ice creams too ;)

If you're still thinking where to eat for dinner tomorrow, Moo Kata Steamboat & BBQ House could be option :D I'll recommend their rich & flavorful pork bone soup (which you can add their home-made tom yam paste to the soup if you prefer your soup to be spicy & Thai) & their hot pan for delicious & quick eats.

Blogging about it now actually makes me feel like eating there tomorrow...hmmm...:D

Moo Kata Steamboat & BBQ House
Lot 31208, Jalan Awan Makmur
(Kuchai Lama Food Court)
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+6011) 3336 1105
Business hours: Daily 5:30p.m. - 1:00a.m.

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * * 1/2
Environment: * * * 
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


Love the variety of meats to bbq!


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