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Review: The Soprano's Italian-German Restaurant & Piano-Bar

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Overall comment: Good food in a comfortable ambiance. If you want to catch up with friends over some good food, this is a good place (before 9:30p.m.). From 9:30p.m. onwards, you can just sit back, enjoy your drink from the bar, & enjoy the live band for the day.
Halal: No

It's been a long while since I had some good, authentic Italian-German food, accompanied by a live band playing & singing at the background. The Soprano's was indeed music to my ears & stomach :P Located along Jalan Klang Lama, diagonally-opposite Pearl Point Hotel, this gem is tucked right above the prominent Newcom Club.

The restaurant boasts of good food accompanied by good music every weekday & loads of fun for diners who love to sing at their open-mic session every Sunday evening. I found this place really comfortable to dine as it's not a "club" with loud music, smokey environment & below-average food; The Soprano's is far from that :)

The bar area

Live band entertaining diners from 9:30pm onwards every weekday

We were introduced to some of their pride & joy that evening, starting the review session with some lovely appetizers, followed by delicious main dishes.

Starfruit Juice
Very refreshing :) No complaints.

Blue Marine Cocktail (RM26.00/serving)
Smothered by luscious dressing (Aurora sauce), you'll find fresh prawns, juicy cherry tomatoes & a slice of lemon above a bed of romaine lettuce. The blue liquid (Blue Marine Ice) below was visually interesting as it helped chill the shrimp cocktail.

More Appetizers!
I must say that The Soprano's kitchen team are very skilled with tomato dishes & dips (truly Italian!). Plain pastries & flat breads went extremely well with their herbed-tomato concasse! Their smoked bacon sticks were also really delicious with some drizzle of own-made chilli olive oil.

Who doesn't like bacon?? I wouldn't mind more!

Cozze Alla Diavala (RM22.00/serving)
Blue mussels sauteed in light white cherry tomato sauce with bread crumbs & a touch of chili.
Mussels in a tomato-based sauce plus a hint of heat from chili tastes REALLY good. There's no 'fishy' smell/taste - just the rich tomato sauce & fresh, 'springy' mussels...yums! I had quite a lot of this dish :P

Linguine al Cartoccio (RM32.00/serving)
Freshly made linguine served with mixed seafood, saute in a light cherry tomato sauce, sliced garlic & Italian parsley, served in white backed foil.
This was served piping hot! Just check out the succulent scallop (star of this photo)! It's a dish for all pasta + seafood lovers. Love the fresh pasta (al dante texture) & generous serving of seafood: blue mussels, calamari, prawns, & scallop.
Prices of pasta from RM22.00 - RM36.00/serving.

Impereriale Pizza (RM32.00/serving)
Tomato sauce with Italian sausages, mushrooms, black olives, red, green & yellow bell peppers, topped with mozzarella & emmental cheese, garnished with saute brown onions, olive oil & oregano.
Such a delicious & satisfying pizza. The crust wasn't too thick nor thin & as expected, the tomato base just tastes fantastic. I found the toppings slightly too 'heavy' for the moderately thin crust, but it's all good - I love generous toppings, especially the load of cheese & meat!
Prices of pizza from RM22.00 - RM36.00/serving.

Teehee...wanted to snap a photo of the cheesy pizza, but the toppings slipped off :P
Slightly too 'wet', but still very tasty...

Master Chef Sergio E Viscuso at work, preparing more pizzas
Master Chef Sergio is a chef to be admired & respected - he's half German, half Italian & speaks fluent Hong Kong Cantonese as he worked in HK for 15 years! Fuyoh!

Agnello Arrosto alla Trapanese (RM48.00/serving)
Char-grilled lamb chops served with smashed potatoes & seasonal grilled veggies & your choice of sauce: black pepper, mushroom, Bearnaise.
Perfectly char-grilled 'til it's cooked on the outside & still pink on the inside. Certainly no major complaints except for the amount of sauce & meat :P Wouldn't mind having more!

Baby Rippen (Best for 2 persons)
Oven-roast baby pork ribs tossed with mixed berries & a maple glaze, served with pan-fried potatoes, red cabbage & sauerkraut.
I have to say that the baby ribs were really tender (meat detaches from the bones so easily...slips off!), juicy & flavourful with the own-made barbecue sauce. It was slightly too sweet for me as I prefer a more 'smokey' taste for the sauce, but overall, this was a delicious dish, suited for meat/pork lovers!

Char-Grilled King Tiger Prawns (RM42.00/serving)
Served with a lemon-butter caper sauce & a side salad
Something really different, unique & appetizing. The 'zing' from the capers gave the fresh prawns a 'fun' note :)

Pilzen Suppe/Mushroom Soup (RM26.00/serving - photo below was tasting portion, I believe)
Creamy wild mushrooms (3 types) soup served with garlic bread.
Smooth, creamy & fragrant. I love the 'earthy' wild mushrooms taste, but wish that the mushrooms were slightly more 'coarse' so that there's a different layer of texture to the soup.

The evening ended with some drinks from the bar, which I didn't get to try since I had to rush back home for work/night call :( However, I must say that this restaurant is a good option for couple dates, family functions & even catch-up with friends. It's definitely a must-try restaurant for tomato-base lovers; the intense tomato & herbs taste was just satisfying (I'm a big fan of tomato-base dishes, so I was really happy). I look forward to be back there soon! *yums*

The Soprano's Italian-German Restaurant & Piano-Bar
Lot. 1, 1st floor, Newcom Club
413, Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+603) 7972 8363
Business hours: 12:00p.m.- late daily

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * *
Service: * * *


Loved the intense tomato-based dishes,


Ciki March 20, 2015 at 11:31 AM  

interesting concept. Worth a visit! :) Long time no see woman .. LOL

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