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Review: I'm Chef Cafe, Taman OUG

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ah, time flies! I've been so caught up with work, house-moving & CNY that this poor blog has been abandoned for more than a month *cries*

To revive my blog, allow me to introduce to you to a pocket-friendly cafe that's located at OUG Garden. I'm Chef 我是煮人 is a humble cafe located on a relatively new grey-colored building behind Shell petrol station (near myBurger Lab). This cafe aims to serve Penang-style food with a home-cooked-food feeling, where all the dishes are specially prepared by the restaurant owner's mother from Penang, whom we refer to as "Miao Ma".

Simple cafe with seats available inside & outside
The cafe's concept is very simple, straight to the point with nothing fanciful. One may mistake it as a cafeteria, but it's actually more comfortable than a cafeteria yet not as fanciful as our usual coffee joints/cafe.

Some of the dishes that we reviewed are as below:

Penang Lobak (RM5.00/serving)
This Penang lobak is not available at all times; only when Miao Ma gets the lobak itself personally, fresh from Penang. It's pretty tasty & serves as a good appetizer/snack. Firm, fragrant, tasty meat 'rolls'. Noms!

Penang Rojak (RM5.00/serving)
Fresh fruits, vegetables & crispies with fragrant home-recipe rojak paste. Another good snack/appetizer.

Penang Hokkien-Fried Mee (RM7.90/serving)
It's been a long time since I had this dish. The best part of this very homey-tasting fried noodles was the home-made sambal! SO GOOD - fragrant, "seductive" - makes you want more although it's very spicy!

Penang Mamak Mee (RM7.90/serving)
Maio Ma fries this mamak mee as well, but I felt that her version was slightly too wet for my liking. I prefer dry, fried mamak mee. This version was slightly sweeter as well.

Aunty Chicken Chop (RM12.90/serving)
I actually found the sauce for this chicken chop very interesting & different (a good different). It had a VERY familiar 'breakfast taste'...and we found out that there's actually blended baked beans in the sauce! Very interesting. I'm not a huge fan of baked beans, but this was good with the crispy & juicy deep-fried chicken thigh :D

Three Taste Fish w/ Rice (RM8.90/serving)
This is a good portion for lunch/dinner. A generous serving of fried dory fish fillet, 1 fried egg + a bowl of rice for RM8.90. The sauce for the fish is Miao Ma's own home-made recipe as well. She revealed that she mixed onions, garlic, soya sauce, cap Arnab chili sauce, & lime (kat zhai) juice as well. Very appetizing.

Eight Treasure Drink RM2.00/cup (Hot), RM2.30/cup (Cold)
We concluded the review with her recommended Eight Treasure Drink (Pat Poh Leong Cha). To me, such drinks can't go wrong ;)

If you're working/studying/living around the area, this is a good option to a satisfying economical meal. Miao Ma is more than happy to share her love for cooking with you!

95tap8 I'm Chef
46, Jalan Awan Hijau
Taman OUG
Jalan Klang Lama
58250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 7971 7113/ (+6011) 3901 1201
Business hours: Mon - Fri 10:00a.m. - 10:00p.m., Sat & Sun 11:00a.m. - 11:00p.m.
*non-halal cafe

Grateful for good, economical food around PJ/KL,


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