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Review: Dian Hou Xin Wo Steamboat Restaurant, PJ

>> Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Overall comment: Delicious hand-made meat balls in flavorful soup base - perfect meal especially on rainy days! You've to try their CNY special "Smoked Pork Bacon Yee Sang"! I loved it...who doesn't love bacon?? :P
Halal: No

Dian Huo Xin Wo (点火心窝) is no stranger to those traveling on the LDP highway, passing by Kelana Jaya area. This simple yet 'filled with surprises' steamboat restaurant is opened by 4 business partners 1 1/2 years ago, with the soft launch that took place in September 2013. With the passion & love for good steamboat by the brainchild, Mr. Lee Wai Hoong, Dian Huo Xin Wo was birthed.

The restaurant looks classic, brings a nostalgic feeling & creates an atmosphere of warm, jovial relationships amongst diners as they enjoy a good meal of steamboat together.

Very 1960s?

The menu is just a 2-page (multiple folds) card, featuring an exciting range of hand-rolled meatballs, seafood, meats, vegetables & more.

Just 3 types of dips (all spicy) to go with the meat
The meatballs were actually so good on its own that you don't really need to dip it with any sauces!

Here at Dian Huo Xin Wo, you can rest assure that no MSG is used in their soups & meats except for the clear tom yam soup, which has a small portion of seasoning to create the tom yam taste. All soup recipes are specially prepared by Wai Hoong's wife, so you can expect a very "homey" taste & feel when you dine here.

Black Chicken Herbal Soup (RM23.00/pot - refillable without extra charges)
Flavorful, nutritious & sweet - I loved this!

Clear Tom Yam & Pork Oriental Soup (RM18.00/pot; refillable without extra charges)
 The clear tom yam soup was very deceiving. It didn't give us a good 1st impression as it looks too clear to be tasty, but oh my, this was one of the best tom yam soups that we've had! The pork bone soup was alright but nothing very "wow". Having said that, I think it's the best soup base for the meatballs as the soup eventually gets all the flavor & doesn't cover the natural taste of the meatballs like the other 2 soup bases! :D

While waiting for our soup to boil, we were served some appetizers:
Fried Salmon Skin (RM6.00/serving)
Very crispy & the slightly sweet soya sauce actually gives a nice balance to the flavor. I could eat the whole plate myself :P

Tongsam Century Egg (RM4.50/serving)
For those who love century eggs, you'll love this. The yolk is just divine!

Japanese Cucumber (RM4.50/serving)
Refreshing, appetizing & quite addictive although after a while, it does remind me of the cucumber slices served with chicken rice...hahaha.

Thanks to the upcoming CNY, we also had yee sang at this humble restaurant:

Smoked Pork Bacon Yee Sang (RM68.00/serving)
 Who doesn't like bacon??! To have it with yee sang was total happiness! The strips of smoked bacon were thick enough so it was bliss in every bite. The sweetness of the red dragonfruit gave the yee sang dish a different dimension as well :D Huat ar!
You can have this yee sang from now 'til 15 February 2015. Best to pre-order to avoid disappointment cos I think they're the only restaurant that offers smoked pork bacon yee sang!

Every dish served like a dim sum...how unique...
 I love the way the balls are served here. It's classic, easy to stack & looks very neat as well.

Dian Huo Xin Wo serves 9 types of meatballs + dumpling. All their meatballs are freshly prepared & served, using only the freshest & finest ingredients to ensure that quality & taste aren't compromised. They use the "yellow tail" fish for their fish balls & the minced prawns used for their shrimp balls are 'massaged' for about an hour to give the desired texture! *wow*

All the balls can be kept for up to 4 days in the freezer/fridge only as there aren't preservatives added to the balls. Wai Hoong & his team will teach all customers the proper way to store the meatballs to ensure freshness, so don't worry ;)

Fresh meatballs, hand-rolled! Using real, fresh ingredients...no such thing as 'prawn-flavored balls' or 'beef-flavored balls'

(clockwise from top left): Signature Beef Balls (RM8.00/serving), Golden Yolk Pork Balls (RM8.00/serving), Quail Egg Chicken Balls (RM7.00/serving) & Mushroom Pork Balls (RM7.00/serving)
Each meatball has its unique taste, texture & fragrance. I think the most 'exciting' one for me are the quail egg chicken balls & golden yolk pork balls :D One whole quail egg in every chicken ball & chunks of salted egg yolks in the pork balls. Thumbs up on quality!

(clockwise from top left): Crystal Fish Balls (RM6.00/serving), Squid Balls (RM7.00/serving), Seafood Balls (RM8.00/serving) & Shrimp Balls (RM8.00/serving)
What surprised me was even the squid balls were made of actual squid (unlike those that you buy from supermarkets) *yay*

(clockwise from top left): Mongolian Sliced Lamb (RM25.00/serving), American Wagyu Sliced Beef (RM36.00/serving), Fresh Large Prawns (RM20.00/serving), Sliced Pork Loin (RM16.00/serving) & Sliced Chicken (RM12.00/serving). They offer the Australian Snowflake Sliced Beef as well for RM18.00/serving
What's steamboat without fresh meat slices, eh? The selection is certainly sufficient to keep me happy & contented. I salute the freshness of ingredients served & the simple yet neat presentation as well. Oh, I must say that the prawns are really worth having as they are the really large ones (the head itself is the size of the ladle's scoop area).

Dig in, dig in!

The Quail Egg Chicken Ball
One of my favorites although I admit that I can't have too much of this due to its high cholesterol level (small egg but highest in cholesterol...ish).

The Signature Beef Ball
Minced beef with parsley, turnip & other ingredients that I can't really decipher :P I love the smooth yet slightly bouncy texture & aromatic taste.

Assortment of ingredients
Vegetables (from RM4.00 - RM7.00/serving), Mushrooms (from RM6.00 - RM6.50/serving), Beancurd (from RM4.00 - RM6.00/serving), Pork Intestine (RM10.00/serving)
 If's actually my 1st time having pork intestine in steamboat & my, my, it's SO GOOD!!

Tender, clean & odorless: THUMBS UP!!
I'll certainly order this the next time I'm here :D

Many families would be celebrating CNY Eve reunion dinner with a steamboat meal. If you're keen to have these hand-rolled, fresh, & delicious meatballs in your steamboat, here's the good news: you can order the meatballs (raw/uncooked) for your steamboat at home! Call to order from now 'til 16th February 2015. 'All the balls will roll out of the kitchen' in containers & will need to be self-collected/'taken to their new home' on 17th February 2015, just in time for your CNY Eve reunion dinner the next day :D There is actually no minimum amount for the take-away, so even if you want 1 serving of their Signature Beef Balls only, they'll still prepare for you :)


Dian Huo Xin Wo 点火心窝
19, Jalan SS 4D/2
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+603) 7887 4557 / (+6012) 296 3886
Business hours: 5:00p.m. - 11:00p.m. daily
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DianHuoXinWo
Note: Located on the row of shops after the Kelana Jaya LRT station towards Puchong (i.e. People's Park area)

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * *


Salivating now & dreaming of fresh meatballs,


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