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Review: Sazori Shabu-Shabu & Grill, Sunway Mentari

>> Thursday, November 27, 2014

Overall comment: Wide variety, refillable & wallet-friendly!
Halal: Pork-free

Petaling Jaya is still mushrooming with shabu-shabu restaurants, but Sazori stands out with its own uniqueness among the many restaurants. Offering 4 types of soup, unlimited refills of seafood, meat, vegetables, noodles, drinks & ice-cream from just RM26.90/person, this is certainly one place to enjoy the good food with family & friends.

The restaurant beams with pride with it's sleek, clean & Japanese-style design, offering all patrons a comfortable environment to enjoy their soups & grills.

Sazori offers simple made-in-house sauces to pair with the food. My favorite in this shabu-shabu & grills restaurant is the fragrant roasted sesame sauce, which I mixed with some of their home-made chili sauce & peanut sauce!

Sazori offers both shabu-shabu buffet (RM26.90/person for lunch & RM34.00/person for dinner) & buffet + grill (RM31.90/person for lunch & RM38.00/person for dinner). They also offer dining packages for groups that aren't keen on the buffet spread, but have a decent variety of meats & vegetables for their shabu-shabu/grill.

Lunch buddies will be more than delighted to know that Sazori is offering set lunches as well! The sets are really worth your penny compared to the many restaurants in this area.

Drinks are a plenty & they're nicely packed into plastic cups for your convenience. Just pick your choice drink & enjoy :) They have cordial fruit drinks, wheatgrass, & more. I'm not sure if they change their drinks variety every now & then, but these are certainly more than enough of a variety in addition to the available coffee & tea.

You'll notice the various color-plates: green = vegetables, orange = meatballs, blue = seafood. During peak hours, I'm quite sure that the blue plates will be snapped up very quickly!

One of the most unique soups available here at Sazori is their Ponzu soup, a citrusy, soy sauce based soup that is very appetizing. This is my 1st time trying out the Ponzu soup as my shabu-shabu base & I've no regrets. It's not overly sour, but it's tangy, fresh, savory & slightly sweet at the same time. Give it a try as you'll rarely/never find it in other shabu-shabu restaurants!

Round 1!

Grilled meat
There's beef bacon strips, sliced lamb, sliced beef & chicken ham for the grill. You could also grill your seafood here :D

Tom Yam Soup
I think their tom yam is one of the better ones available in the shabu-shabu restaurants that I've been to. Having said that, I also feel that it's too rich to be a shabu-shabu soup base since every other ingredient will cook in that soup & make it even richer/more flavorful. You'll end up with a very salty tom yam soup since it is originally flavorful.

Chicken Soup
The chicken soup is the most versatile of soup bases. You can transform it to whichever flavor you prefer according to the ingredients that you put into the soup. Certainly no complaints for this soup ;)

Although I was pretty stuffed with the load of unlimited refillable dishes, I had to try the ice-creams to end my meal! You may think that these are just 'normal ice-creams', but for a buffet line, these were actually quite good! It's not just flavored ice-creams, but there were bits & pieces of bites in the ice-cream as well :D

A little bit of everything I fancy
The cappuccino was fragrant & I love the simple vanilla chocolate chips ice-cream too. The yam ice-cream had bits of yam in it & same goes the cendol ice-cream. Ah...love the simple excitement!

Sazori is a place that's worth visiting. Patrons can also get a RM10.00 cash rebate from their total bill when dining at Sazori. Pop by Sazori to find out how you can get the RM10.00 cash rebate :D

Sazori Shabu Zone & Grill
B-G-3A, Block B, No. 1, Jalan PJS 8/15
Arena Mentari
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+603) 5887 2843
Business hours: Daily 12:00p.m. - 3:00p.m., 5:30p.m. - 10:00p.m.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/shabuzone/timeline

Enjoyed the unlimited refills & variety,


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