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Review: Edo Ramen, Mid Valley

>> Thursday, November 6, 2014

Overall comment: Generous portion that is value for money. The soup base tastes just-right to me (not too salty like most Japanese restaurants). Yums :)
Halal: No

Edo Ramen proudly offers the original handmade Tokyo-style Japanese ramen, a unique recipe by notable ramen connoisseur, Mr Tetsuya Fukino. Having started its first outlet at Gurney Paragon in Penang in the middle of this year, Klang Valley residents can now enjoy this unique ramen at Mid Valley Megamall itself since the restaurant opened late August this year. Edo Ramen branched off from Goku Raku Ramen & brings a fresh approach to ramen indulgence at greater value (price & taste!).

Edo Ramen at Mid Valley Megamall

The outlet at Mid Valley is pretty spacious, with 2 sections of the restaurants for all guests.

You could also take a sneak peak into the ramen kitchen where the chefs churn out the handmade ramen & serve it with a choice of 4 types of soups & 2 categories of toppings, according to your order.

You could watch the ramen-making in action from outside the restaurant

Items on the menu
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Special Gyukotsu Ramen range
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For those who are not familiar with the Tokyo-style soup base, you would be pleased to know that this chicken & anchovies based soup is boiled over low fire for 7 hours! One can't deny that the soup will definitely taste flavorful.

Ultimate Black Tonkotsu (RM17.90/serving)
Every ultimate bowl of ramen comes with seaweed, braised pork belly, Japanese fish cake, & a lava egg in addition to the usual toppings of char siew, sweet corn, pak choy & spring onions. I just love the way the braised meats melt in the mouth...yums! Plus, I also love the fact that the broth tasted rich, well-balanced in flavors (aromatic, not overly salty) & hearty from the many hours of slow boiling!

The lava egg is pretty nicely done. Wish it was more 'lava-ish' though.

The Tonkotsu broth is another option available here & is a popular choice among pork lovers. This thick broth made from pork bones is boiled over medium to high heat for 12 hours, presenting a hearty pork flavor without the unpleasant 'porky smell' ("sou" smell in Cantonese) & a creamy consistency. You can enjoy the broth in 3 flavors i.e. classic, miso (tonkotsu cooked with Japanese soybean paste) or black (tonkotsu with Japanese fish powder & aromatic charred crushed garlic oil) together with your ramen.

Miso Ramen (RM10.90/serving)
Somehow most of us prefer the miso-flavored tonkotsu broth over the black tonkotsu broth. I think it's because it is less oily (no charred garlic oil) & you can taste the authentic miso paste that didn't over-power the goodness of the tonkotsu broth itself.

Ultimate Gyukotsu (RM15.90 promo price/serving; n.p. RM17.90/serving)
The gyukotsu is a new type of broth introduced recently at Edo Ramen. Just like the tonkotsu broth, this broth is boiled from beef bones. I felt that the tonkotsu broth still wins as the gyukotsu broth was still lacking the 'beefy' taste. Having said that, it's certainly a good alternative & variety for those who are so used to tonkotsu broth & would like to go for the beef broth for a change!

Ramen texture: smooth, slightly springy, slightly chewy - I kinda liked it this way

Apart from the satisfying bowls of ramen offered here, Edo Ramen also serves 2 styles of gyoza, one of it is the classic boiled gyoza, while the other is the pan-fried gyoza, presented in a rather unique way. Not to be missed is also the Aburi Char Siew, a platter of thin sliced barbecued pork, which melts in your mouth :)

Boiled Gyoza (RM4.90/serving)
Nothing much to complain, but it would be nicer to have more meat in the dumpling :P

Pan-Fried Gyoza (RM4.90/serving)
My first thought when I saw this dish was "Oh, banana pancake!" It does look like it, right? But these are pan-fried gyoza! How interesting. Although the batter was crispy, because I had the mindset of a banana pancake, I kept hoping that the crispy batter was sweet & coconut-ish in flavor! Hahaha. It was just a simple savory batter that came with the gyoza - nothing overly fancy apart from the presentation :D

Aburi Char Siew (RM11.90/serving)
There's a small variety of textures in this simple side dish: tender pieces of char siew that melts in your mouth & crunchy onions + sesame seeds. The sauce was slightly sourish too, which gives the savory dish a little kick & uniqueness.

If you're in Mid Valley & can't really decide on what to have for lunch or dinner, give Edo Ramen a try & do share your experience with me as well! :D

Edo Ramen Restaurant
Level 2, North Court
Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+603) 2201 8779
Business hours: 10:00a.m. - 10:00p.m.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/EdoRamenAsia
Note: Near AEON & F.O.S

Presentation: * * *1/2
Price: * * *
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


Love a bowl of good ramen,


Anonymous March 17, 2015 at 12:01 AM  

Sorry to say the Edo Ramen Midvalley is going to close its operation on 1st April 2015.

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