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Review: Purple Pasta Cafe, Oasis Ara Damansara

>> Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Overall comment: Delicious, pocket-friendly pastas in a comfortable cafe!
Halal: No (Pork-free)

The name Purple Pasta sure caught my attention. Tucked in the commercial area of Oasis Ara Damansara, Purple Pasta Cafe is an upcoming place for pocket-friendly & delicious meals!

The name Purple Pasta came about due to their freshly made pasta with purple yam, which unfortunately we didn't get to try on that day due to the pasta machine's maintenance. I would want to head back there to try their actual purple pasta!

Outside of the cafe

One section of the cafe (inside)

Main section of the cafe (inside)

What's most special with this humble cafe is their RM5.00/serving pasta! Yes, you read it right :)

Variety of RM5.00 pastas
Purple Pasta offers 8 different types of pastas under the RM5.00/pasta selection. You can also choose to complete your meal with any 2 items in the menu for an additional RM5.00 (same page)!

RM15.00 pasta
For larger portions of pasta with more ingredients, you can opt for the RM15.00/serving pastas & top-up another RM5.00 to complete your meal with 2 additional items :)

Other parts of the menu
Breakfast is also served here. This cafe is pretty much your one-stop place for breakfast, lunch & even dinner, coffee & snacks!



We were introduced to some of their RM5.00 pasta dishes for our tasting session. Here are two of their special pastas.

Lamb Marinara (RM5.00/serving)
The taste of the tomato-based sauce is well-flavored & well-balanced. You'll get 1 meatball to go with your pasta, which isn't too bad considering the price you're paying. The portion is actually enough for a small eater, but if you've a larger appetite, order 2 different RM5.00 pastas for the variety & portion! :)

Delicious lamb meatball

Authentic Carbonara (RM5.00/serving)
The authentic carbonara doesn't come with cream, but with egg yolk as the sauce. Poached egg done well results in really creamy & delicious carbonara, which is the pride of Purple Pasta Cafe. This pasta also comes with parmesan cheese & crushed 'ikan bilis' (anchovies)! Quite interesting, eh? The only thing lacking in our pasta that day was salt; the pasta was somewhat bland.

Get the yolk flowinggggg...

Garden Salad (RM8.00/serving)
For those who prefer to have a healthier meal below RM10, Purple Pasta's garden salad is a good option. The salad comes with arugula, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons, Japanese mayonnaise & their special Balsamico (reduction of balsamic) salad dressing.

Tri-Sugar Latte (RM10.00/cup)
Isn't this pretty?? The sugar topped on the latte is the Azulette sugar from Germany. It's not a very sweet sugar, but has a floral note (lavender) to it. It goes well with latte & coffee in general!

I don't fancy sweet food, but I could actually eat a teaspoonful of Azulette sugar without thinking twice! :D It's NICE!

Purple Pasta Cafe is also planning to introduce some dishes for their dinner menu. Some of the ideas that they're toying with are the below (subject to management's decision to have it included into the menu):

Fra Diavolo Mutton (price to be determined later by the management)
This was my favorite for the day. It's a spicy & creamy mutton pasta! What's special with this pasta dish is that it has dark chocolate added to the sauce :D Chilli + chocolate = 'next-level of goodness'! They have to add this into their dinner menu...it'll be a waste not to offer it to pasta & mutton lovers.

Salmon Tartare
This is a classic tartare with a twist. You'll find cubes of Norwegian salmon, cured with rock salt & brown sugar, mixed with fragrant pears & ebiko. The delightful dish is finally topped with torched Japanese mayo & fresh dill! Savory, has some crunch & some bite - quite yummy although it's not an authentic tartare :D

Prawn Ceviche
This dish is only for those who are adventurous. The prawns are cooked with an acid (lemon bathe) & placed on a bed of shredded purple cabbage & sliced white onions. It's tangy, very appetizing & fresh, a dish not for the faint in heart.

Prawn Thermidor
 Chef Jay & his team are very ambitious. This dish is a creamy prawn, egg yolks & alcohol (usually brandy) dish, garnished with a side of baby radish, alfafa & arugula. I'm not sure if it will go into the menu as it's really very skewed towards a fine-dining experience, which may not be the best direction for a pasta cafe :) But it was certainly a good dish & I'm blessed to taste it!

Poached Chicken & Smoked Duck
I salute chef Jay. Sliced chicken poached for 10 minutes in Earl Grey tea with smoked duck & baked pears over a bed of mashed potatoes? Oolala...I wish the taste of tea is more evident though. It's certainly not a dish to fill your hungry stomach, but it's a dainty little dish to make you happy.

I really look forward to dining at Purple Pasta Cafe again. I'm hoping that the spicy mutton pasta gets into the menu. That's my main aim & I'll not be shy to introduce it to my mutton-lovers friends! :D

We've also provided some suggestions & feedback to the management. Perhaps someday soon, we'll really find purple pastas made from various purple food (dragon fruit, purple sweet potatoes, lavendar?) at Purple Pasta Cafe :D

Purple Pasta Restaurant & Cafe
D-G-06, Block D Oasis Square Ara Damansara
2, Jalan PJU 1A/7APetaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+603) 7859 9998
Email: marketing.food4drama@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/purplepastacafe

Dreaming of the spicy mutton pasta,


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