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Event: Grand Launch of Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant

>> Monday, October 13, 2014

It's such a privilege to be invited to the Grand Launch of Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant! Special thanks to Sidney for the recommendation :D This restaurant may look like your usual Korean barbecue restaurant, but it's actually a World Barbecue Cuisine concept restaurant!

You'll spot Kilo Grill from the main road of Jalan Dutamas 1

Spacious restaurant

So 'industrial' looking...heeheee..

I love their basins! :P

What's so special about this barbecue restaurant are the types of meat they serve. You'll find the Iberian Black Pig (3 of their best parts for grilling: jowl, collar and belly), John Ross Jr Smoked Salmon, & Sashimi-grade Argentinian Sea Prawns, just to name a few. As it is a World Cuisine Barbecue concept restaurant, you can look forward to various types of meats, dips, & variety from all over the world!

Variety of items for the grill & drinks as well (they have sets on their menu as well)

Specials of the day

For the Grand Launch, we were treated to free-flow of the smooth Taiwanese beer on their conveyer belt, which the conveyer belt will be used for their plates of vegetables during normal business hours. Every barbecue set will come with a selection of vegetables that are readily available from the conveyer belt, so just pick & choose the vegetable of your preference :) They have vegetables like zucchinis, pumpkins, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, oyster mushrooms & more.

Owner of Kilo Grill, Victor, giving the welcome 'speech' :)

One of their appetizers served that evening was the Special KGC Tenders. It's a thumbs up! So crispy on the outside, tender & moist on the inside. We kept popping these tenders into our mouths! PerutBesi certainly recommends this!

This Grand Launch also introduced us to their special Iberian Black Pork. The meat is firm, moist, & 'sweet' without the unpleasant 'porky' smell & taste! My sister who doesn't fancy pork ate SO much Iberian Black Pork at this grand launch! *gasps*

Iberian Black Pig (Belly: RM39.90/200g, Jowl: RM49.90/200g, Collar: RM54.90/200g)

There were at least 3 different types of dips available for the meats. You can enjoy the meat just as it is or dip it into the special sauces.

Top clockwise: Korean bean-paste dip (best for pork), Capsicum & chilli dip (best for seafood), & Sweet+Spicy Japanese Yakitori dip (best for any meat).

The crowd at the grand launch

Staff preparing the barbecue meats for guests

Iberian Black Piggy, anyone?

Baby octopus for the grill

Sizzle sizzle...

These grilled baby octopus goes so well with the capsicum dip!

Another specialty of Kilo Grill is the sashimi-grade Argentinian Sea Prawns (RM15.00/prawn or RM80.00/six prawns)
It's lightly barbecued on the outside with alcohol flames & still fresh/raw on the inside like sashimi. Oh-so-nice!! I love the slight charred/grilled aroma, the freshness & sweetness of the huge prawns!

The Grand Launch concluded with the very innovative & creative Petai Ice-Cream with Chocolate Brownie! Those who aren't fans of the stinky petai beans could actually be converts at Kilo Grill!

The tasting portion of Petai Ice-Cream + Chocolate Brownie (RM14.90/3 scoops of ice-creams)
To my surprise, the petai bits weren't over-powering in smell & taste. The luscious, smooth, buttery & creamy ice-cream actually makes the stinky bean ice-cream SO delectable. I had 2 servings! My sister who again doesn't eat petai finished up the entire cup of Petai Ice-Cream at this Grand Launch! *gasps again*

Bits of petai like grains of gems :D

Enjoying a barbecue meal here at Kilo Grill is another class of its own. The unique, global variety & most importantly freshness of ingredients are certainly plus points for this 'new kid on the block'!

Map to Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant

View PerutBesi in a larger map

CONGRATULATIONS on your Grand Launch, Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant!

Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant
A2-UG1-01, Publika Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 6419 0811
Business hours: Lunch & dinner, daily
FB: Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant
Email: kilogrillbbq@gmail.com
Note: Visible from the main road of Jalan Dutamas 1. Same row as Osteria RealBlue, above Ante Kitchen

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * *


Enjoyed a world-class bbq experience,


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