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Review: Private Kitchen, SS2

>> Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Overall comment: Very unique steamboat experience; great for those who love fish & soup!
Halal: No

Tucked in the serene neighborhood of the well-established Chow Yang in SS2 is Private Kitchen, a name quite apt for the area, really :) It's a lovely place for a good meal with your family & friends, with sufficient 'privacy'! *giggles* Ample parking, yo! :D

Both HK Kitchen (downstairs) & Private Kitchen (upstairs) are owned by the same management, just with a slightly different concept; the former is more 'Hong Kong fast-food' style, while the latter is the steamboat & order-dishes style.

p/s: They moved from Damansara Uptown to SS2. Wise move since parking at Uptown is madness!

The deco along the stairway to Private Kitchen boasts of a nostalgic "back in those days in Hong Kong/the city" feel. It may be slightly challenging for those who are older to climb all the way up for a meal, but don't worry, you can also have your steamboat meal downstairs at HK Kitchen if you relate your request to the crew at the restaurant.

The restaurant is actually very spacious, simple & elegant in its own way. Enjoying their special Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat in this cozy restaurant is surely something not to be missed! It's my 1st time having a grilled fish steamboat, but it's apparently very popular in Hong Kong & China. If I recalled what the chef said correctly, the dish is named "Ding Ding" after a name of a place, where the freshwater fish were caught. Oh my memory is failing :(

From RM58.00+, you'll get to enjoy the Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat that comes with a choice of special soup:
  • Fragrant Spicy Soup (very spicy)
  • Typhoon Shelter Spicy Garlic Soup (moderately spicy)
  • Fresh Tomatoes & Sweet Corn Soup (not spicy)

You can also order sides of meat/seafood/vegetables (price range from RM1.00 - RM20.00/serving) to add into your steamboat. I guarantee that the soup will be even more flavorful at the end of the dinner! Oh, did I mention that this could feed 3 persons & more?

On a side note, they're also introducing a new chicken dish, the Fragrant Spicy Chicken Pot (RM38.00/half chicken or RM68.00/whole chicken). You'll read more on my review below.

The menu (front)

The 'dishes' menu (inside)

Ongoing promotion

The variety to feed 10 of us that evening!
We were really blessed to have such abundance of variety :D
Some of my favorites steamboat side dishes on that evening are these:

Sea Urchin Balls (RM6.80/4 balls)
It's alike the Foochow Fish balls, but with sea urchin on the inside! Noms! Quite interesting. The texture is very alike fish roe, but softer.

Pork Dumplings (RM4.90/3 pieces)
Plump & meaty as how pork dumplings are supposed to be. It could do with more 'crunch' from vegetables like carrots & water chestnuts :P

Home Made Pork Balls (RM6.90/4 balls)
I enjoyed these pork balls, but I would much prefer it if it had "chor hao yue" (fried 'anchovies') added into the balls & have less flour added to the balls as well.

Pork Belly Slice (RM11.90/serving)
If you're a big fan of pork, you will not want to miss this juicy piece of fatty meat! I prefer it thinner like those at shabu-shabu restaurants when it comes to steamboat, but if it's braised/fried such thick pieces of pork belly are best!

Enoki Mushrooms (RM5.80/serving)
I'm a big fan of mushrooms, so enoki mushrooms in the spicy/tomato soup are just thumbs up!

Now, for the star of the night *drumrolls*

Ding Ding Grilled 'Red Pearl' in Fragrant Spicy Soup
Love the fragrantly grilled fish with the variety of vegetables (radish, cucumbers, big-head beansprouts, onions) & dried beancurd in the spicy soup base.

'Bathe' the Fish...

Check out the load of chilies!

The chilies are actually stir-fried with other special ingredients before adding to the soup (you can ask for more chili added if you prefer a very spicy soup base)

After the steamboat side dishes were added into the soup base...
Don't you just love the sight of ingredients floating around in the large 'steamboat pan'?

Ding Ding Grilled 'Red Pearl' in Fresh Tomatoes & Sweet Corn Soup
This is certainly the kids'-friendly version. Many people love this version more than the spicy one as it's very unique. You'll rarely get tomatoes & sweet corn soup base elsewhere in Klang Valley/Malaysia for steamboat with grilled fish. It has a naturally sweet taste & is also very nutritious! 

Add the prawns & it'll be even sweeter!

Fragrant Spicy Chicken Pot
Very homey, smooth & tender - not over-powered by the heat from the ginger.

The chef deep-fried the Bentong ginger slices (one of the hottest gingers in Malaysia!) before running it over hot water to remove the intense heat from the ginger. Then it's cooked with the chicken in this claypot. Yums! I would prefer more ginger-taste though :D
Lemon-Infused Grass Jelly Dessert
We ended the warm night with this body-cooling dessert. The restaurant intends to add this item to their menu in the near future, so look out for it!

The Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat is certainly something to try out. To reward all PerutBesi's readers, print out the 'brochure' below & get 20% off the following items! Enjoy!

* Valid on weekdays only (exclude public holidays).
* Not applicable with other promotions.
* Valid until 31 October 2014

Private Kitchen
20 Jalan SS 2/10
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Note: Chow Yang area, same row with Kayu Nasi Kandar.
Tel: (+603) 7874 8399
FB: https://www.facebook.com/privatekitchenmalaysia

Enjoyed the Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat,


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