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Review: Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant, Holiday Inn Glenmarie

>> Thursday, June 19, 2014

Overall comment: Unique variety of Japanese dishes, some of which you can only find in restaurants like Fu-Rin.
Halal: Pork-free; alcohol/sake is served

Have you eaten such 'exotic-looking' sashimi (photo below)?? The Sailfin Poacher a.k.a. Hakkaku is one of the many 'rare' fishes you'll find on your sashimi platter at a Japanese restaurant. Salmon, Tuna & Butterfish are your common sashimi slices, but if you're keen to try the Sailfin Poacher, Snapper (Kodai), Rock Fish (Mebaru), Threeline Grunt (Isaki) & even the Thread-Sail File Fish (Kawahagi), head on to Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant at the established Holiday Inn at Glenmarie, Shah Alam!

Driving into Holiday Inn makes me feel slightly nostalgic. It felt like a visit to an old friend once again, one whom I have not met up with for the longest time!

Fu-Rin is the Japanese term for wind bells. Originating from a Chinese tool called the "Senfutaku", this tool is now commonly hung from the four corners of temples' eaves & at noble families houses in Japan, believed to ward off evil spirits. Here at Holiday Inn, Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant serves a wide variety of Japanese dishes, some of which are very authentic, to tickle & satisfy your very cravings for a good Japanese meal.

The review introduced us to some of the new items on their menu as well as highlight some of their chef's specialties.

Pan Furai Wafu Toriyako (RM28.00/serving) * new
Japanese-style pan-fried chicken
One of their latest additions on the menu is the Japanese-style pan-fried chicken. The piece of chicken thigh is marinated with garlic, parsley & other special ingredients for a minimum of 2 hours before getting pan-fried to perfection. The outcome: crispy skin + moist, tender & flavorful chicken thigh. The dish is then served alongside a portion of Fu-Rin's version of tartar sauce, which has pickles & also the Togarashi spice, the 7-spices chili powder. It elevates the simple tartar sauce to the next level, giving the dip a slight punch & heat!

Ebi Tango Furai (RM28.00/serving) *new
Deep-Fried Prawn Meatballs
Don't be surprised to bite into bits & pieces of prawns as these cute, little prawn meatballs are actually made from chopped tiger prawns, which are then breaded & deep-fried 'til golden brown! The best part is that you can actually taste the freshness & crisp of the prawns (nice, firm texture). The dish is then completed with the drizzle of wasabi-mayo & Tobiko (flying fish roe).

Sashimi Carparcio Aburi (RM48.00/serving) *new
Seared Fish Carpaccio Style
Interestingly, we never got the chance to taste this dish! Boohoo :( Apparently it was served to us, but I guess it went to the table where the media sat instead of our bloggers' table. I would have loved to try out the different types of sashimi served as they really have unique fishes here! Check out the types of fishes available...they look all too interesting!

Hakkaku - Sailfin Poacher
So cute & scary at the same time...haha...According to the True World Foods website, the flesh of the fish is savory and has a unique mild flavor. Hmm...really?

Kodai - Snapper & Merabu - Rock Fish
Poor fishes. They look bored & 'lifeless' (which they are!)

Isaki - Threeline Grunt
Ok, those cut-lines do not equate to the name of the fish. It apparently tastes like ocean & there is a nice fat layer between the skin and flesh of the fish...ahhh, if only I could taste it!
source of information: Threeline Grunt

Kawahagi - Thread-Sail File Fish
This doesn't look like the Kawahagi. Perhaps they put the wrong label? The Kawahagi is apparently a really delectable sashimi selection. Oh...now I'm craving to try it...

Wasabi Beef (RM70.00/serving) *chef's specialty
Sirloin with wasabi sauce
Right, I'm sure you have had enough of my fish-y stories. How about giving their old-timer a try if you've never tried it? This is one of the many chef's specialties, which you'll probably not get bored. The moderately thin slices of sirloin are carefully seared 'til medium well & topped on a bed of salad, dressed in the wasabi & sesame seed oil dressing. The best part of this dish are the pink peppercorns, which gives the simple & refreshing dish some heat & added aroma. You have to eat the beef slices together with the salad for a good mix of textures & flavor. Yums!

Korokke (RM28.00/serving) *new
Potato croquette
I'm a big time 'sucker' for anything that has potatoes. This wasn't something that I would miss! What can be better than a crispy deep-fried, fluffy mashed potato + beef, bell peppers & corn croquettes? The croquettes come with a serving of Fu-Rin's tangy tonkatsu dip, consisting of soya sauce, Dijon mustard, Worcester sauce & garlic powder.

Kuruma Ebi Chizu Yaki (RM32.00/serving) *new
Tiger prawn grilled with cheese
I must say that fresh prawns make a world of difference & you can be sure that Fu-Rin serves good, fresh prawns, even when it's a dish that's grilled with cheese. Firm, 'springy' prawns with soft, melted cheese & some charred-taste from the grilling. Sounds good? Tastes good too! :)

Jumbo Ebi Sushi (RM58.00/serving) *new
King prawn grilled with cheese
As if we haven't had enough of cheese & prawns, here comes the King prawn sushi! You'll actually find freshly cooked prawns on the simple maki served on a platter of grilled Cheddar cheese & cream. If you're fortunate, you'll find pieces of grilled Cheddar on your platter as well! Ah, those bits of melted cheese gives the dish an added bonus.

Fu-Rin Creamer Maki (RM48.00/serving) *new & chef's specialty
Assorted seafood with mayonnaise rolled - 8 pieces
The maki may not look very inviting, but trust me that this, in my opinion, tasted better than the Jumbo Ebi Sushi above! The maki has unagi (eel) & softshell crabs (2 of my favorites!!) wrapped in seaweed & sushi rice, completed with a generous topping of Teriyaki sauce, onion-infused mayonnaise mixed with cream, which is then torched for some 'barbecue' taste & sprinkled with crispy bits of tempura batter. Oh my...it was delicious! I am very sure that my AP will LOVE this!! :D

Hiyashi Natto Inaniwa (RM38.00/serving) *new
Cold Japanese flat white noodles with fermented beans
You're probably salivating now, but there were 2 more dishes introduced to us. This is one authentic Japanese noodle dish that you may not find in every Japanese restaurant in Malaysia. The Inaniwa noodle, a Japanese flat white noodle, is THE noodle used in this dish. The texture of the dish is just too interesting. Thanks to the fermented Natto beans AND the chicken egg yolk, this cold noodle dish is actually slightly slimy (not the best description), VERY smooth, & I have to say, it's also uniquely flavorful.

You can just 'slurp' your way through this dish as it's silky smooth! Although many people find it difficult to tolerate the fermented Natto beans, I found this dish lovely to the palette! :P

Sticky, gooey, 'slimy' beans. Something like lady's fingers!
It's slightly bitter too.

Yaki Soba (RM28.00/serving) *new
Fried buckwheat noodles with seafood
If the word 'slimy' & the phrase 'like lady's fingers' scare you to bits, fret not, for Fu-Rin has more to offer! The Yaki Soba is actually a very pleasing noodle dish as it is loaded with seafood & the noodles are probably more common to the general tastebuds. The dish actually reminded me of Kuching's tomato noodles as it has a slightly sweet, tomato-ish gravy with chunky pieces of scallops (really fresh & plump!), prawns & I'm not sure what else since those are the ones that I really got to taste :D Having scallops & prawns are definitely good enough for me...hahaha. The taste of this noodles dish may be an acquired taste since not many people fancy slightly sweet tasting fried noodles.

With the variety of food that we were served, I have to say that I am pretty satisfied :) I wouldn't mind having more of some dishes though :P

Macha Ice-Cream
We ended our tasting session with a refreshing scoop of macha ice-cream, made by Fu-Rin's own chefs. I still feel that nothing beats the ice-cream at Genji Japanese Restaurant, Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel. This version is slightly too sweet that it covers the natural taste of the green tea.

As the Ramadhan month draws near, Fu-Rin will also be starting their 10-days-only Japanese buffet dinner at RM88.00++ per person from 14th - 25th July 2014. It may not serve the dishes like those above, but you can taste a wider variety of Japanese dishes from sashimi, sushi, teppanyaki, tempura, agemono, yakimono, soups, salad, appetizers, desserts to even their drinks. Everything will be truly Japanese apart from their dessert & drinks, which feature some Malaysian/local favorites.

It'll be a very uniquely Japanese Ramadhan buffet spread, which will provide you a slightly different option from the usual Malay-dishes Ramadhan buffets available at other hotels & restaurants. Do call to make your reservations prior to dining. Oh, I should add: parking is free as well unlike most hotels...now this makes a difference in picking your restaurant of choice too, eh?

Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant
Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
1 Jalan Usahawan U1/8
Seksyen U1
40250 Shah Alam
Tel: (+603) 7802 5288
Email: furin@holidayinnkl.com.my
URL: http://holidayinnglenmarie.com/
Business hours: Opens daily for lunch 12:00 p.m. – 2:30p.m. & dinner 6:30p.m. – 10:30p.m.
On Saturdays, the restaurant opens for Buffet dinner only.
On Sunday afternoon the restaurant serves Buffet lunch.

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * *1/2
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * *
Service: * * * 1/2


Who can resist Japanese food? Not me!


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