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Review: Burger Bakar BOSS, Kuantan

>> Monday, June 2, 2014

Overall comment: It's not just your usual burger bakar..it's good gourmet burgers for Kuantan's standard - I think it's the 1st ever in Kuantan (gourmet burgers, that is)!
Halal: Their supply of meat are halal, but the restaurant has yet to be halal-certified.

Recently, I've been invited to do a review for Burger Bakar Boss, a grilled burger restaurant that has been operating for a year now. Located near the well-known Mexica Chinese Restaurant opposite Berjaya Megamall in Kuantan, this small burger shop sure has much to offer. Little did I know that this shop is actually owned by my uni-mate's husband, who happened to be AP's futsal member! What a small world!

Simple-looking restaurant
I think the restaurant could fit up to 40 people max per time.

Burger Bakar BOSS has at least 8 different types of chicken burgers & another 8 different types of beef burgers. You'll definitely be spoilt for choice as they don't just offer burgers, but an extensive variety of mains & add-ons as well like spaghetti, chops, wedges, beefballs, chicken wings, chicken satay, nachos & more!

Both their chicken & beef burgers start from RM7.00/single burger - RM16.90/"tower burger" - the 3-stacks-high burger. For an additional RM3.50, you'll get to add-on a glass of BOSS drink (3 flavors available for your selection) + a serving of BOSStato, their version of shoe-string french fries with a home-made dipping.

Wall of comments/feedback
Seems like most, if not all the comments have been pretty good ones! :)

Toys & figurines on display
This is just for a month, where a collection of toys & figurines are on display for all customers to enjoy. It's not just a place for good burgers, but also a place to share your hobby & collection.

Let's check out what I managed to stuff into my iron-stomach :P

BOSS drinks (RM3.80/glass)
Since there were 3 of us at the review, we order 3 different sets, which came with the 3 flavors of BOSS drinks of our choice. There's the Bossgreen (pandan-flavored wheatgrass/"xiao mai chow" + soda/Sprite), Bossmango (mango concentrate + soda/Sprite) & the Bosscurrant (grape concentrate + soda/Sprite). In my personal opinion, the Bossmango, followed by Bosscurrant & lastly the Bossgreen was the better drink among the 3 bosses :P

Dipping for the Bosstato
It's like a simple honey-mustard+mayo+herbs dip, which goes pretty well with the french fries.

I found the best among the 3 burgers ordered was the Single Grilled Chicken Burger.

Single Grilled Chicken Burger (RM7.00/ala carte burger)
Frankly speaking, I found this as one of the best grilled burger patties that I've ever come across! The texture is firm alike ham, but it's chicken & it's grilled instead of deep-fried! It's not coarse/rough + dry although it's made from ground chicken breast meat & it's nicely (and not too pungently) flavored & MOIST as well. Kudos to the kitchen team at Burger Bakar BOSS!

Doesn't look like a ground-chicken patty, right?
Plus it isn't a whole, solid piece of thigh or breast meat! Generous portion as well!

Hawaiian Chicken (RM7.90/ala carte burger)
 I enjoyed the harmony of sweet & savory in this burger. The chicken thigh is coated with batter & deep-fried, tasting quite similar to those Taiwanese fried chicken! Noms. The pineapples (I think they're not fresh pineapples) were sweet & juicy, making the whole burger crispy & juicy at the same time. I have to say that the burger bun from a local Kuantan bakery is quite substantial in texture as well.

Cheesy Beef Burger (RM10.50/ala carte burger)
The texture of the charcoal buns were slightly softer as expected, but it's not too soft to be held :) Flavor wise, the burger is cheesy enough, but I didn't fancy the patty as much as the chicken burgers. This batch had pieces of veins in it, which didn't give a pleasant experience in every bite. The owner of this burger restaurant assured us that their new batches will not have such issues. I'm looking forward to try out the new batch!

THICK patty!!

After enjoying the burgers, we moved on to try 3 of their snacks :)

Beefballs (RM6.00/serving of 10 balls)
These aren't made in-house, but I must say that they're pretty tasty! It's not your usual minced meat balls (like the patty), but it's alike the beefballs you find in your classic Chinese beef noodles! The serving comes with a sauce that tastes like the gravy on KFC's whipped potatoes, some mayonnaise & a dash of Italian herbs. We actually enjoyed this more than the beef burger! Thumbs up!

Bosshroom (RM6.00/serving)
Deep-fried enoki mushrooms with flavored-mayonnaise. I found it a little too oily for my liking & the batter could do with some improvements. The owner has taken up the recommendation to explore having a variety of 3 - 4 types of mushrooms per serving & some tempura-like batter for a lighter, more dry & crispy coating for the mushrooms. Can't wait!

Bossatay (RM6.00/serving of 4 skewers)
When there's an innovative team of kitchen crew, nothing goes to waste at Burger Bakar Boss! Here at this burger bakar restaurant, you'll find chicken satay available as well. The meat has a nicely charred flavor, but I found it slightly dry if the meat is eaten on its own. If you eat it with the satay sauce + the pineapples & cucumber pieces, it'll be fine. This is indeed a rather lean & mean chicken satay. NO fats! I told the owner that he would need to think of some way to marinate & 'tenderize' the chicken breast pieces to ensure that the skewers of chicken stays moist. Perhaps just a trick of some corn starch? Hahaha...

It's a good variety of burgers, mains & sides, right? Truly the BOSS of all burger bakar (especially in Kuantan)! If you're still wondering what to have for dinner (and even tomorrow's lunch!), you know where you can get a good fix to satisfy your cravings ;)

Burger Bakar BOSS
A23, Lorong Tun Ismail 10
25300 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: (+609) 558 1108
FB: Burger Bakar BOSS FB
Email: Burger Bakar BOSS
Business hours: 12:00p.m. - 12:30a.m. (daily)

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


Mouth-watering for grilled chicken burger,


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