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Review: Norwegian Salmon Promotion @ Utara Coffee House

>> Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Overall comment: Delicious fresh Norwegian Salmon cooked to perfection in various styles. If you're a fan of salmon, you'll really enjoy the variety offered (plus it's at affordable prices)!
Halal: Yes

Throughout the entire months of March & April 2014, be spoilt for choice with Utara Coffee House's Norwegian Salmon Promotion! There are 8 different dishes to choose from, with prices starting from RM25.00++/serving. Affordable for a salmon dish, right?

The winner, in my humble opinion is the delightful Salmon Tikka! I LOVE chicken tikka & tandoori chicken. Having this flavourful fish marinated with the herbs & spices for a "tikka" & grilled to perfection is just "oolaalaa"! My colleagues will remember how I craved for the smooth, buttery 'chicken tikka masala' from our frequented Indian restaurant from time to time :)

Salmon Tikka with Fragrant Rice & Acar (RM26.00++/serving)
You'll not experience the strong "fishy" smell & taste of the salmon, but the texture & flavour from the marinade, accompanied by the fragrant butter + raisins rice were just satisfying. It made me crave for more! I've never had salmon tikka, so this was a memorable experience. I would head back to Utara Coffee House for my "fix" of salmon tikka while the promotion is still on-going! *drools as I reminisce*

Pacific Rim Salmon Soup with Shittake Mushrooms and Herbs (RM25.00++/serving)
I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first mouthful of this 'cream of salmon'. "Where's the strong, fishy salmon taste??" I was seriously expecting that. But Chef Chew wisely commented that by slow-boiling the head & bones of the salmon & not "over-boiling" it, you'll never get the fishy smell! Oooh...I learned something new that evening. I love the fact that 1) there's no fishy smell & taste in the soup, 2) the salmon pieces are in nice "dices" & not flaky/broken in millions of pieces (the trick is to poach it before adding it to the soup!)...loads of salmon in the soup as well, 3) there are diced carrots, leeks & celery for some variety of texture & bite, & 4) there's a generous piece of fragrantly "buttered & herbed" toasted baguette to go with the soup!! Oh my goodness...such comfort food! It's a good meal by itself for those who are not keen on having too heavy a meal. Oh yes, the shitake mushrooms are apparently in the soup. Hmm...it needs to be more "evident", I feel.

Spoonful of salmon & vegetables!

Salmon Caesar Salad (RM26.00++/serving)
 Another good meal by itself; light but filling. I actually enjoyed the dressing as it's nicely fragrant with some cheese. You'll have the pieces of protein from the salmon, slices of carbs from the potatoes, a good portion of vitamins from the garden greens & a touch of "crunch" from the biscuit stick! Although I rarely take salads as a meal by itself, I would actually go for this since it's such an enjoyable salad! :D

Foil Baked Norwegian Salmon (RM28.00++/serving)
Served with a bed of zucchini, capsicum and champignon mushrooms
 Interesting! This is one homey-comfort food on a long, tired workday. It's not exactly the most "slimming" of the variety since it is creamy & cheesy, but it certainly is VERY comforting...hahaha...the baked salmon was nicely cooked (not over-cooked & dry), plus the zucchini, capsicums & mushrooms gave a good variety of texture to this rather cloying dish :) The lemon juice surely helps to take some of the cloying feel away.

Salmon Roulade& Oyster Gratin (RM30.00++/serving)
I had mixed feelings for this dish. I enjoyed the cheesy, baked oyster gratin, but somehow I didn't enjoy the salmon as much.

The salmon was actually stuffed with spinach & cheese. It's then rolled & poached before serving on a bed of more cheese + spinach mash & some prawn 'bisque'. I found the flavours slightly clashing, so you could opt for other sauces like the fruity orange or the lemon sauce to go with the piece of salmon instead of the somewhat "pungent" prawn 'bisque'. 

Salmon Tostadas  (RM26.00++/serving)
Served with tortillas, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa
This dish was quite pleasing to the palette :) Being a fan of Mexican flavours, I enjoyed the combination of ingredients that the Utara Coffee House placed together in this dish. You'll get a good portion of salmon chunks, capsicums, jalapenos, tomatoes, & cheese all in the little pockets of tostadas! The best part of this dish, in my opinion are the dips. I especially love the fresh guacamole & tomato salsa...ah, I need to head back to the States again for my fix of good Mexican food!!

 Salmon Ratatouille (RM28.00++/serving)
 This is the Utara Coffee House's "best seller". I actually like ratatouille, but the cut of these vegetables & the degree to how it's cooked didn't suit my preference. I prefer to have larger chunks/pieces of vegetables & slightly softer texture as well. I felt that there's a lack of tomatoes as well...hmm...

Salmon and Potatoes Au Gratin (RM28.00++/serving)
One of the bloggers probably had an "orgasmic" experience when he had this cos he was SO in love with this salmon dish that he kept praising it for the entire 10 minutes or so...yes, on this ONE dish! The combination of flavours are very similar to the oyster gratin dish, but this one didn't have the oyster on the plate. I have to say that the 'gratin' part of the salmon was very flavourful, creamy, & silky-smooth. Well executed, chef!

It was indeed an enjoyable evening filled with loads of salmon! I still can't get over the delectable Salmon Tikka dish. Anyone keen to join me for that sometime soon? Hahaha...

Utara Coffee House Armada Hotel
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
For reservations, please call (+603) 7954 6888 ext. 4557
URL: www.armada.com.my
FB: Hotel Armada
Twitter: Hotel Armada

Presentation: * * *1/2
Price: * * *1/2
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


Salmon Tikka, anyone?


Spicy Sharon April 1, 2014 at 10:15 PM  

wahhhh all-things salmon!

PerutBesi April 1, 2014 at 10:20 PM  

@Spicy Sharon: When it comes to salmon, there'll never be an overload, eh? Hikhikhik...it's yummy!

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