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Review: King's Durian Ice-Cream Potong (Improved Recipe)

>> Thursday, July 4, 2013

Overall comment: Intense flavour with real durian pulp/flesh as well! The only down-side that got me slightly disappointed was the "melting-rate" - it melts really fast compared to other ice-cream potong!
Halal: Yes

Remembering the good old days...

I'm sure most of us could recall some lovely memories where we can get ice-cream potong from the ice-cream man during the evenings. I grew up with ice-cream potong that's wrapped in simple, thin, ice-cream wrapper that has nothing fanciful. But at this present day, ice-cream potong has revolutionized into something more classy, yet classic as well :) This isn't my 1st time having the King's ice-cream potong. I think I've had the Red Bean & Black Glutinous Rice variants before...

King's Potong aims to bring all its supporters a trip down memory lane with its improved version of the ice-cream potong. The one that I would be reviewing below is the King's Durian-Flavoured Ice-Cream Potong, which has a new packaging design & a more intense durian taste with real durian puree. According to King's, it's almost like eating a frozen durian fruit itself!

Hmmm....let's find out...

The package that I received for the review

Doesn't this "scene" remind you of the good old days? 

The new packaging for the King's Durian-flavoured ice-cream potong

After taking some time (like 5 minutes) to snap some photos, these are my observations:
  • The ice-cream potong melts really fast! It's just 5 minutes out of the ice-box & it started melting already. Hmm...I didn't expect it to melt THAT quickly. I even changed the ice-cream & took the other one from the freezer (as photographed below) to sink my teeth into the ice-cream, but even the one from the freezer melted quite fast. You would be able to notice that the top of the ice-cream potong in the photo below looks "melt-ish". When I started licking, it melted even faster & I had to bite the ice-cream chunk after chunk to quickly finish it up. I was contemplating to put it into a bowl & use a spoon! I don't recall having such quick-melting ice-cream potong last time...hmmm...
  • As the King's Potong series is made with real coconut milk, the ice-cream potongs have a delicious home-made flavour. I guess that's why it melted so fast as well. I don't think coconut milk stays "frozen" for a long time. Bear in mind that having real coconut milk would mean a more fragrant ice-cream, but more fattening as well...haha...
  • I love the intense durian flavour & the bits of real durian in this sneaky, simple-looking ice-cream potong. It looks plain, but when I started licking it up & biting on it, oooooh, it does feel like eating frozen durian, but it's more creamy & not as "fibre-ish". I would still prefer the actual frozen durian fruit, but this is actually quite a good treat, especially when it's not durian season.

My only put-off is the "melting rate". Apart from that, I think this is a pretty good ice-cream potong!

The King's Potong comes in 2 packaging forms i.e. the multipacks (contains 6 ice-cream potong per box) & the foam packs (contains 9 ice-cream potong per box).

  • There are 4 variants in multipacks (RM5.40/pack of 6 sticks): the classic Red Bean, Black Glutinous Rice, Durian & also Assorted Flavours (Red Bean + Yam + Black Glutinous Rice).
  • The foam packs are only available for the Red Bean & Assorted Flavours (RM8.50/box of 8 sticks) - the ice-cream in foam packs are supposed to last for 2 hours without freezing! Fuh!

You'll be able to get the products at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets & even your nearest grocery stores :) Try it out for yourself.....



Unknown July 6, 2013 at 9:56 AM  

Ice cream potong also got improve version? Got to try it out!

domokun July 11, 2013 at 10:21 PM  

Ahhh this is my all time favourite !! I love how its thick texture melts in my mouth omg >< durian lover here too !! :D

PerutBesi July 11, 2013 at 11:26 PM  

@domokun: Is it?? :D It's quite nice la...I just don't like the fact that it melts SO fast! :P

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